Built this along with a friend who gladly helped and guided me during the process. Took a couple of hours but everything worked out well and definitely learned a lot. It was also a ton of fun!

Purchased these parts on Black Friday Weekend and Cyber Monday. Found some good deals, but I also missed some that I'm still bummed about. If there was anything I regret about the parts I picked, I would have upgraded to a 970 for only about $60 more. I could have used the extra video memory and better overall performance for future games. Regardless, I'm happy with the price I paid. It would have been more expensive otherwise if I waited after.

This rig is mostly for gaming along with a little bit of video editing on Adobe Premiere. I enjoy modern games with some favorites being Borderlands 2, SMITE, and the new Wolfenstein. My video editing will just consist of short 2 minute news story for my journalism class. As for performance, Getting 60+ fps on every game I've ran so far is fantastic.

This thing is also quiet and cold I LOVE IT!

CPU: I originally wanted to go for the locked version since I don't plan on overclocking, but the unlocked version was only about $10 more so I figured why not. I like having the option to overclock if I ever wanted to, but first i'll have to buy a cpu cooler and have to learn how to overclock in the first place. I'm very impressed with the hyper-threading and how it runs Adobe.

Motherboard: Again I originally planned for this micro ATX board, but I found this on sale for a damn good price and gives me the option for SLI in the future. Really glad I picked this up.

Memory: Took a risk with a brand I wasn't familiar with and it paid off. I haven't seen 16 gigs of RAM this cheap and it performs to my expectations. These sticks actually default to 1333, but changed it to 1600 easily in the BIOS. Plus I like the color scheme :P

SSD: This baby came along with a free copy of Far Cry 4. Boots windows faster than I've ever seen firsthand. Even if it didn't come with the free game, I thought the price was good enough to pick this up for sure.

Hard Drive: 50 bucks and it works. 1 TB is definitely better than the 20 gb I had on my xbox 360

Graphics Card: The only part I kind of regret paying so much for, but even then I'm glad I went with ASUS since I've seen the reviews for this card specifically. It runs quiet, cool, and does what I want it to. Wish I found a better deal on it

Case: This case was cheaper before Black Friday so it kinda sucked for me. This case, however, was easy to build in and looks pretty damn cool with the glass. I like the fans that came pre-installed even if they make a little noise.

Power Supply: Gold rated, good price, and it works fine. This was one of the few parts that I didn't want to skimp out on.

Optical Drive: As good at installing windows as Internet Explorer is for installing Google Chrome

Windows: 8.1 is pretty nice because of the desktop feature. Can't wait for windows 10 though

So tell me what you think! I know I didn't take the best photos, but hey at least I have some! Also I admit the cable management could have been a bit better, and it's not the prettiest looking PC. With all that being said, I'm loving 60+ fps since I never really experienced it a lot.

All of these prices are before taxes and after rebates.

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  • 62 months ago
  • 1 point

Well done. Nice pickup on the ram. Looks like you're all set for future upgrades.

  • 62 months ago
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With you on the Black Friday deals. I almost got the 4790, at that $299 price. I ended up getting the FX 9590 at $199 instead and sacrificed a bit of processor performance, mainly on Single core applications, so I could put the extra funds towards the GPU which will be a GTX 970. Also got a killer deal on the Crucial M500 240GB was pissed though cause I bought it at $89 on Black Friday and then Cyber Monday they added in a coupon and dropped it another $10. Tried to get them to give me a credit or something but they would not bite. Oh well, was still a great deal. Nice build man, hope you enjoy it.