Finally, after 2 years of dealing with over glorified pre-builts. I finally have a machine I can call, perfect. (FOR ME)

Considering that I am a very novice computer 'builder'. This PC is a major accomplishment for me, considering the only things I did to my pre-builts were Install Graphics Card, HDD's and RAM. But this is the first Computer I built piece by piece and I am so happy with that outcome.

I originally bought the GTX 970 mid 2015 and threw it in my pre-built with an i7 920 and 6 GB of RAM, that same RAM decided to die around Christmas causing me to buy the RAM in this build. And then after multiple Boot-up issues with that old PC, BIOS Issues, and personal files being lost. I decided to bite the bullet and built this PC.

It's a pretty basic looking computer, but it performs very well for me. Hope you enjoyed looking through this Completed Build.


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