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The Pie maker (apple pie specifically)

by DeadWithoutWifi



Date Published

March 31, 2015

Date Built

March 27, 2015

CPU Clock Rate

4.4 GHz

CPU Temperature While Idle

42.0° C

GPU Core Clock Rate

1.18 GHz

GPU Effective Memory Clock Rate

7.01 GHz

GPU Temperature While Idle

36.0° C


I currently have a Mid 2011 21.5in 2.5GHz Imac which has been serving me well for about 3 years now. When I first got it I upgraded the 4gigs of ram to 12 gigs and have been able to video edit quite well. Lately, it has been slowing down, taking me a lot longer to edit a 5-minute project than usual. The assignments I have been getting are increasingly harder, and I'm not really able to game on it so it is time for a new computer. The idea for this build started while I was browsing the internet for a new computer, I became frustrated with how expensive they were. So I decided to build my own PC, I have friends who have done it so it shouldn't be that hard and I save hundreds of dollars while doing it! (don't get me wrong I like mac and PC) So this is my build, I spent about the same amount of money that I would on a new PC except the specs are jaw-droppingly better. I named this machine "The Pie Maker"(apple pie specifically) because of how much more powerful it is compared to my old Apple iMac

So now that I have an insanely powerful GPU (and not a laptop one like my old desktop had), an Intel I7, low latency(CAS 7!) high-speed ram, a huge SSD, reliable HDD, and a sweet case, I will be able to video edit/ game/ browse Reddit like never before!

Part Reviews


This is a Awesome CPU, Its blazing fast and i couldn't ask for more

CPU Cooler

i really like how small this cooler is, ram clearance is astonishing and its small enough to fit in most cases. during long game sessions my CPU tends to get a bit hot but the cooler does its job


This MOBO has plenty of usb ports, looks awsome, and does the job well


this ram is amazing! it looks awesome, has jaw droopingly low latency, is fast and the red heat spreaders can be removed!


upgrading from an old hard drive to this drive is mind melting. i also put GTA5 on this and omg omg omg.


really fast, great warranty, and has plenty of space. what more could you want?!

Video Card

This beauty cost and arm and a leg but now that i use 1440p resolution 1080p on a 25+ inch screen looks gross.


Beautiful, love the front panel, and spacious

Wireless Network Adapter

a bit of driver confusion but for the price this card is great

Case Fan

quiet, pretty, and pushes a boatload of air


perfect size, beautiful, and the IPS panel is awsome


my first mechanical keyboard, love the lighting settings, the MX Cherry switches, and the media controls


really comfortable, standard dpi settings are awesome.

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John_gomez 3 Builds 4 points 48 months ago

hehe... Nice colour scheme. Love cryorig coolers as well.

DeadWithoutWifi submitter 10 Builds 2 points 48 months ago

thanks! the cooler is great.

mfischetti 1 Build 4 points 48 months ago

Beautiful color scheme! +1

spartanvi 1 Build 3 points 48 months ago

Pretty sure I'm sold on the H440. Beautiful build.

Ninjadudewhat 2 Builds 2 points 48 months ago

I didn't know there was such thing as a mac fanboy, even the huge apple fanboys I know are actually reasonable in terms of admitting certain (but not all, and not with other apple products) flaws with macs. How absurd.

Ninjadudewhat 2 Builds 1 point 48 months ago

Love the build, hope you're enjoying the switch. Do you plan on making it a dual boot hackintosh?

Levahj 1 point 48 months ago

I tried making a hackintosh but would always get held up on one little thing that wouldn't enable it to install! Do you reccomend a guide? I feel like ive tried them all.

Ninjadudewhat 2 Builds 1 point 48 months ago

Used the linus one? If so then not really sorry :/

Smk54 3 Builds 2 points 48 months ago

Really nice build. Clean and good looking as well as superfunctional.

MaskedMonster21 1 Build 2 points 48 months ago

Great build!

Fsylar 2 points 48 months ago

With those cpu discounts i would have gone for a 5820k x99 build

monkeybars 2 points 48 months ago

You should check to see if you can use your iMac as a video in. I know on a lot of older ones you can, and that's what I'm planning for my friend's system -- he's got a 2009 27" iMac. He gets to keep his gorgeous screen and the computer it houses, and is able to switch over to a full Windows machine instead of bootcamping it.

Tomasn 2 points 48 months ago

Very nice build. I would remove all the stickers from the case though!

I like you didn't waste money on overpriced cooling as many people love to do.

Reid_L 1 Build 2 points 46 months ago

Nice build! I really like the h440 (looks so clean). Have you tried overclocking your g257hu yet? I'm wondering what other people have gotten out of it. I have the same monitor and it's great!

DeadWithoutWifi submitter 10 Builds 1 point 46 months ago

i would love to overclock it, i just dont know how!

Reid_L 1 Build 2 points 46 months ago

Use the nvidia control panel (right-click on desktop). Under resolution there should be an option to create a custom resolution. You have the option to change clock as well. I was able to get mine to 85hz though I keep it at 60 because my 780 can't push 85fps without sacrificing some major settings in game. Make sure to use a displayport cable otherwise you won't be able to overclock.

DeadWithoutWifi submitter 10 Builds 1 point 46 months ago


undeadshark 2 points 23 months ago

This made me want to search for macs (so I did) and holy sh@t people actually pay £1500 without even getting a graphics card? God you could squeeze a 1080 for that money. Enough about that though I love the build looks really good and some good specs too (you are lucky to get discounts on intel cpu's) +1

DeadWithoutWifi submitter 10 Builds 1 point 23 months ago


racsorrac 1 Build 1 point 48 months ago

I can't find that cooler anywhere in the UK. I'm so jealous.

AlexisGarcon 1 point 48 months ago


Corbindalllas 1 point 48 months ago

Dude like the story lol. Great Build

ArkansFPS 1 point 48 months ago

How did you do the fan setup? did you put all the headers in the hub or individually put them in your motherboard?

DeadWithoutWifi submitter 10 Builds 1 point 48 months ago

the cpu cooler fan is in the mobo but the others are in the hub, and contrary to what ive been seeing on fourms the hub works well and does not make them noisy

ArkansFPS 2 points 48 months ago

Ok because ive read other comments on the hub saying their really loud but i guess it just depends.

DeadWithoutWifi submitter 10 Builds 1 point 48 months ago

yep, mine are quiet as hell

YoZync 1 point 45 months ago

Great build. Without overclocking the monitor, does it affect your gaming? Like is the input lag TOO bad?

DeadWithoutWifi submitter 10 Builds 1 point 45 months ago

i dont notice any imput lag at all

DTI466 1 Build 1 point 42 months ago

NICE! And **** Apple. They make great phones (or so I'm told, I don't own one) but their desktops are overpriced pieces of crap. The only people who buy that garbage are pretenchous hipsters who spend $250 on a pair of organically grown pants.

Anyway glad to see it worked out for ya! +1

DTI466 1 Build 1 point 42 months ago

HA! and just for kicks I serched for a mac for $2200 and the closest thing I got was an iMac for $2049 i7 3.1ghz, 8g ram, and 1g vram. Ain't that just pathetic.

DeadWithoutWifi submitter 10 Builds 2 points 42 months ago

I KNOW RIGHT i feel like learning how to build a pc has opened my eyes to that, and also you sound like me ahahaha, thanks!!!!!

DTI466 1 Build 1 point 42 months ago

No prob.

Gooberdad 10 Builds 1 point 38 months ago

This one is art. Nice poweful and clean.

ndivenyi 1 point 18 months ago

how is that monitor?

[comment deleted by staff]
D2RAW 1 point 48 months ago

Either a student discount, or on reddit. That's my guess anyways.

Jonmac92 1 point 48 months ago

I can get windows for free from my school. College Op