This is my first build in ~9 years built for myself as a graduation present as now I finally have time to play video games, just in time for Rome II, Blacklist and BF4.

The wifi card, mouse and hard drives are from old computers and the keyboard was rescued from the uni. Though I will probably need to Invest in new HDs soon as 1.5TB is just not enough when you don't have a CD drive and use ISOs for most of the non steam games. Also as its secondary use is as a media center HD space is easily chewed though.

The next upgrade for this unit would be changing the case probably to an R4. I cheeped out on the case and regret it. It was all fine, until I put the GTX 670 in, there is just no space between the HDs and the graphics card. Cable managment is impossible and two of the HDs are just loose in the case because I couldn't route the cables anywhere else, this is a problem.

Onto the ram. The packaging says DDR3-2133 but ET6 detects the ram as 1333 so I'd research this before recommend it. As I am pretty amateur at all this so maybe I'm doing something wrong or misunderstanding something.

I ordered the case, original graphics card was the club 3d joker and motherboard from extak. The graphics card never arrived and they were difficult about giving me a refund. I would NOT recommend this company

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were you able to solve your problem with the ram? Usually all ram defaults to lower speed., You just need to enable XMP on bios or manually input the timings and speed.