This was my first build in about 20 Years!!!

I had fun working with my sons picking out parts and building this little beast out. I wanted something that would do pretty much everything I needed and wanted including 3D Modelling for 3D Printing, massive multi-tasking, and some great gaming. I didn't want to skimp or settle, but also didn't want to way over spend. I'm extremely happy with how this came out with the exception of wanting to add some custom cabling for the GPU.

If I were to do it over, about the only thing I would change is get a fully modular PSU so that I could change out the ATX MB Power Cables

I do plan on adding another M.2 or SSD for addl. storage, but was already a bit past my budget (the monitor was the big spend here).

Part Reviews


FAST FAST FAST, Best bang for your buck in my opinion.

CPU Cooler

Excellent cooler, and very pretty looking. Just wish it would sync easily with the ASUS Aura Sync.


Tons of features in a tiny package. It's small and can be a little challenging to work with due to some of the header placements, but all in all, has everything you need for a great small build and is very powerful!


Beautiful looking RGB Memory. Syncs nicely with ASUS Aura Sync


Great case for the money, especially for for being such as small case. I love the fact that it's pretty much made to lay on it's side, with rubber feet on the bottom, and the side so you can put it either way. Decent cable management options, and the magnetic screens are awesome!

Power Supply

Excellent PSU. Delivers plenty of power.


This monitor is awesome! Super Wide 3440x1440, nice height adjustment. Only complaint is that the angle of the cable ports in the back can be a bit tough to get to. The customizable logo projection is super sweet!

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Very nice! Congratulations!! That case is perfectly sized for your components. Thumbs up from me. Enjoy!