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by exothermic1982


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Date Published

Nov. 17, 2014

Date Built

Nov. 7, 2014

CPU Clock Rate


CPU Temperature While Idle

33.0° C

CPU Temperature Under Load

88.0° C

GPU Core Clock Rate


GPU Effective Memory Clock Rate


GPU Temperature While Idle

43.0° C

GPU Temperature Under Load

58.0° C


Made primarily for gaming and entertainment. The name refers to the fact that it is a powerful blue cube.

I decided on a blue and black theme after purchasing the Gigabyte 970 G1 Gaming cards. I went with the 970s because they are very close in performance to the 980 but maintain the larger amount of VRAM over the 700 series. The Swiftech H240-X is there for when I want to expand my water-cooling to include the videocards in the future. Probably after I replace the 970s in 1-2 years as they boost to 1600mhz on air without much issue now and putting them on water wont give me much more performance. Especially since all of the ram won't be cooled by the water block EK is releasing for the G1. I went with the Gigabyte cards specifically because they had some of the best cooling out of all the 970s and their looks and build quality are unmatched. I previously owned a EVGA 970 and it felt like a much cheaper card despite only being $20 less expensive.

The storage is a bit overkill but I wanted to have an abundance of SSD space without having to rely on storing games and programs on a HDD. I chose the Crucial drives specifically because of their cost and performance vs the competition and at $200 for 512GB I decided what the hell and brought two for raid 0. The two Seagate drives are hold overs from my previous build and are really just to fill the two slots in the case because the holes look ugly. Music, movies, backups and **** are all stored on the 4TB drive located in the NAS.

The Corsair dominator platinum kit is from my previous build. I simply purchased a light bar kit and a can of plastidip. Speaking of plastidip the Asus Sabertooth z97 MK1 was purchased solely because of the plastic thermal armor which has been plastidiped matte black to match the look and get rid of those ugly *** stickers.

I chose the 4790k devils canyon because of its overclocking ability over the 4770k. I'm currently running it at 4.8ghz. I chose the Hyper-Threaded chip over the 4690k on the off chance that there will be some game out that uses the extra threads. Probably a waste but this was my dream build so screw it.

I chose Corsair Air 540 because of looks and air cooling ability for my videocards. Originally I was going to go a mATX build with a Phanteks Enthoo Evolv but that case has taken forever to release and I got tired of waiting. Also after looking at reviews of the 900 series under water I decided not to bother investing in waterblocks for my videocards and so getting a full ATX motherboard and case became the only choice. The cube design, matte black color and huge window won me over.

I decided on the EVGA 850w PSU to give me room to grow in the future and because of its stellar reviews. Also I was able to purchase it on sale at NCIX for $114.99 without a rebate which was way cheaper than Newegg at the time.

The Asus PB278Q was purchased a couple years ago i just added a ergotron arm to it. 1440p gaming is nice and a decent compromise for people who want > 60fps but higher than 1080p.

The audio is handled by the Schiit Audio Magni and Modi DAC/amp combo along with a pair of Hifiman HE400s. The setup sounds really really nice but its forcing me to upgrade my music collection to FLAC. I purchased the headphones at headamp.org because they came with free velour ear pads. The only issue I had was that they did not respond at all to attempts at communication and I had to request a refund on paypal before they would tell me they had shipped and what the tracking number was.

The DVD burner is some ancient thing I had in the closet I decided to use because it matched the case finish and I needed to pull the network drivers off the motherboard DVD.

I went with a Corsair k70 RGB because it matched the look of the system and its a decent keyboard. The mouse is a Logitech g500s I had from my previous build. I plastidiped the grey top part black to match everything else. The mouse comes apart very easily for painting and cleaning.

The Corsair LED fans look nice and move a lot of air but I was disappointed that they weren't PWM.

Not really a big fan of windows 8.1, kinda wish I'd stuck with windows 7 but I guess I'll get used to it. Overall it was really easy to build and I feel I am now ready for next years top games.

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Daisyahoy 4 Builds 12 points 42 months ago

Such Wind! Much Force! Very +1

18hockey 1 Build 3 points 42 months ago

nice meme

Bones 6 Builds 4 points 42 months ago

Nice Shiit stack. How are those headphones?

exothermic1982 submitter 2 Builds 2 points 42 months ago

Pretty damn good after they burn in.

Bones 6 Builds 1 point 42 months ago

I love that you labeled the dac/amp Schiit stack.

Euphemia 1 point 42 months ago

I heard they sound even better after doing the regrilling mod. Haven't tried it myself, though.

chowsownsomepizza 1 Build 2 points 42 months ago

Suddenly I feel very measly with my new build...

TitanJS 1 Build 2 points 42 months ago

Good build , at first I thought you were gonna use the deepcool tesseract case.

exothermic1982 submitter 2 Builds 2 points 42 months ago

I used the name because it's a powerful blue cube.

gigagoku12 1 Build 2 points 42 months ago

Something good for the description

skiskate10 1 Build 2 points 42 months ago

+1 but could really use a description.

Sed8Op8 3 Builds 2 points 42 months ago

What a stack of schiit !!!! Sick build man I was think of dropping a schiit stack on my build as soon as my 2nd 970 comes in. I'll be running a g1 970 sli build also however your cooler and i7 makes your build kinda of kick mine straight in the grundle. Plus 1 from me 8),enjoi your stack of schiit.(that's probably going to get old quick lol)

JustAnotherGamer 2 points 41 months ago

...And that, ladies and gentlemen, is a stack of Schiit.

ManThunder 1 point 42 months ago

Love it!

nigerianjones 1 point 42 months ago

Someone likes hard drives.

exothermic1982 submitter 2 Builds 1 point 42 months ago

The two seagate drives I've had for years. I could drop them now that I'm using a NAS for file storage but I think they look nice through the case window.

Jack_of_Clubz 1 Build 1 point 42 months ago

I am interested in the sound device you are using. What is it?

exothermic1982 submitter 2 Builds 1 point 42 months ago
thekasafist 1 Build 1 point 42 months ago

Love it! +1

IrshaadH 1 Build 1 point 42 months ago

you seem to be missing an SLI bridge

exothermic1982 submitter 2 Builds 1 point 42 months ago

I have a SLI bridge its just very hard to see. I'll add a picture of it to the album.

Meithen 2 Builds 1 point 42 months ago

They color scheme is done very well, nice build!

BenC99 2 Builds 1 point 42 months ago

Awesome build!

ADFX_Pixy 1 point 42 months ago

I wouldn't trust those amazing headphones with a stand like that Turtle Beach HS-1. Imo you should just spend extra on a premium wood/metal headphone stand.

Dave_6 2 Builds 1 point 42 months ago

VERY nice build! I've got just one of those 970s and I love it!

How does the Schiit stack compare to a good soundcard?

exothermic1982 submitter 2 Builds 1 point 42 months ago

Very favorably if you are primarily listening to music.

wiredin321 1 Build 1 point 42 months ago

Can this run Photoshop?

Ragerules99 1 point 42 months ago

Awesome build, I'm considering purchasing that same pair of 970s and was wondering if you could attest to their performance at 1440p thus far?

ty44 1 point 42 months ago

Hi awesome build! Is the LED windforce logo on the gpu's blue or white?

Charliemurphy127 1 point 41 months ago

The leds are blue if you look online you can see it. Example: http://s8.postimg.org/ag1sr1tnp/2014_09_22_16_32_04.jpg

jedi 1 point 42 months ago

Any comments on the DEMCiflex Filter Set? I'm considering them in my build, but haven't seen anyone post feedback on whether they're effective and don't directly impact airflow into the case

Charliemurphy127 1 point 41 months ago

Awesome build man. You said you were able to hit 1600mhz on air. Were you able to do that on both cards for 24/7 gaming?

Evan_AJ 1 Build 1 point 41 months ago

Great build! One question. Did spraying the armor with plasti dip void the warranty on the board?

Arkwoman1990 1 Build 1 point 40 months ago

Do you have the fans on the cpu cooler as intake or exhaust?

mxpx4182 1 point 35 months ago

I love how you used a mix of epic purchased parts and random **** from the closet. I'm just getting into being curious about hi def audio. How much is that audio stack set better than an internal dedicated audiocard? I'm thinking of getting an asus xonar dx for $50 and I imagine that's going to be better than onboard audio. Just wonder if it'll be good enough for FLAC.

Rehan007 1 point 28 months ago

What do need 8524gbs for that's a insane amount of storage

Caminon 1 Build 1 point 24 months ago

I love Swiftech AIOs so much.

Johnston12 0 points 42 months ago

Are those Windforce logo LED's RGB?

exothermic1982 submitter 2 Builds 3 points 42 months ago

No, they are blue only.

eraqee 0 points 42 months ago

Does anyone here use the Air 540 case? I'd like to know if it's quiet and easy to build with, as I'm very interested in it.

exothermic1982 submitter 2 Builds 2 points 42 months ago

Building into it was pretty smooth. cable management was a breeze but fitting the usb 3.0 cable into the front required removing a fan to position it correctly. This shouldn't be a issue if you use a board that doesn't have a right angle usb 3.0 socket. The case is a bit louder than my old Define R4 but I don't really notice as I'm wearing headphones all the time.

[comment deleted]