Though built primarily for music production, I also use this rig for gaming quite often as well (and yeah, an i7 5820k just for gaming IS overkill). Never had any issues with latest games such as GTA V and The Witcher 3 in 1080p (using a 22" LCD), don't need/intend to go beyond that any time soon anyway. In some extreme cases, I did need to tweak a thing or too, but that's mainly due to the poor optimization of the game (Crysis 3, AC:Syndicate).

As for audio processing, it works great with Kontakt Sample libraries, some of which are stored an the SSD, while the reast is spread across the two HDDs. With the huge computing power of the 5820k, stacking up many effects like EQs and reverbs is not a problem.

Side notes: because of the lower number of supported PCI lanes, the 5820k is pretty much only suitable for single GPU builds. Not a problem for me, if my GPU starts having trouble with games, it is usually a signal for an upgrade, and buying another piece of the current GPU instead of selling it and buying a completely new one has always seemed the worse option to me anyway. Never been a fan of SLI/Crossfire for gaming anyway as compatibility issues still do occur in many games, and it's not very easy on energy consumption, either.

Comments on the platform: the 5820k is a very powerful and alluring CPU, and, which is not usual with i7s, offers a quite good price/performance ratio, comparign favorably for example with the popular 6700k. The problem is that if you are on some sort of a budget, which most of us are, this CPU is going to bleed your wallet dry because even the "entry level" motherboards like mine (AsRock eXtreme4) still cost around 250$. Along with the price of the CPU, that is already a lot, an in the context of most/gaming builds, way too much. Don't get me wrong, it's not a problem to burn even more on a mobo, but frankly, if you're going to pick even an i7-6700k and overclock it reasonably with a great aftermarket cooler, you'll still get MORE than you actually need for the latest games, you don't need a super expensive motherboard that screams "GAMING PRO" all over it. Usually, it's just a marketing scam, and a lot of mobos from reliable manufacturers can be bought for half the price of a typical X99 board , or even less. In my previous build, I ran an overclocked i5-4570k on a 100$ board and never had any problems with stability.

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  • 42 months ago
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Case is a bit of a weak link on this level of build..

Very nice over all build though..

Thanks for Sharing !!

  • 42 months ago
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Hey, no problem.

I know the case is a mediocre one, but if ther is one area where I'm willing to make compromises, it's usually the case. I know it's not a component to be underestimated, but I'd rather save some bucks and transfer them into a better PSU or CPU than a 150-200USD$ case any day of the week.

Anyway, if my enthusiasm grows stronger (and my wallet thicker) one day, I have my eyes set on the Fractal Design Define R5, which seems to be a fantastic piece of hardware.

That being said, the HAF 912 is still a nice case for the money. I needed lots of space for airflow, drives and the rather large CPU cooler, and that's not easy to get with a 70$ case. Of course, there are only basic dust filters included for the front and the bottom, so quite a lot of dust gets inside, but then again, it doesn't get much better at this price point. Cable management is OK, though one thing is beyond me - why did they not make the right side panel convex as well as the left one, it would be more stylish and better for cable mangement, too.

Same could be said about the hard drives, the 2TB Seagate is an old friend from one of my early builds around 3 years back, and ideally, I would love to replace all the spinning and chirping and buzzing drives with silent and powerful SSDs. But - even 1TB worth of SSD space translates into a HELL LOT of money, so it's probably not going to happen any time soon.

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The 5820k is more than suitable for duel graphics setups and is not limited in any way as a single card cpu/system. This is as enthusiast CPU and designed with SLI/crossfire in mind The PCI lanes for that board with the 5820k when in SLI will run x16/x8 going from top slot down. Difference in performance between that and x8/x8 is nill.

BUT, not a big deal as you have no interest in SLI. Clean rig, looks sweet, great gear. +1

  • 42 months ago
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Thanks for the comment. It's actually interesting, I did some (though not incredibly extensive, I admit) investigation regarding GPUs running in slower PCIe modes, and apparently some non-negligible performance difference were found. However, I guess it was just another case of synthetic test results vs. real life usage. I'm not sure if an M.2 drive would be somehow affected, but I guess not.

I'm probably never gonna use a multi-GPu setup, but if you're right, that's cool to know and makes the 5820k an even better chunk of silicon.