My main Gaming Rig i built 2.5 Years ago.

It is my 3rd build over all. (The first was 2004 with intel P4 @3.4 and x800xt retired 1 year ago ) (The 2nd was 2005 with AMD x2 and Nvidia 7950 GX2 still working).

I still use it and it will fill all my needs the next year too. I am very happy with it and it is working exellent. I have no problems with the sli so far.

The rare thing first: SLI The goal of this build was to try what sli is capable to do because all posts and tests i read were a few years old. With the gtx 770 i found a card wich two of them were cheaper than a ultra high end card and could outperforme it. The two GTX 770 are very good at scaling in sli. I have not discoverd any of tha problems i expected according to some forum posts.

CPU and Cooler: I had no plans on overclocking so i decided to go for the 4771 the strongest non k cpu which i coud buy at the time. Due to no overclocking plans i absolutely didnt need a watercooling but i heared off some cooling problems with the haswel chips. So i decided to go for a really big cooler. It is cool, it is quiet, it is perfect.

Mainboard It seems to be overpayed to have such a mainboard with a non k cpu but i choosed it based on its good sli capabilities.

Storage: Some more new concepts were waiting to be tryed here. The 840 evo was planned as system disk and a 2tb mechanical drive for all the data. To speed up the slow WD green plate i bought a 60 gig kingston ssd now. The smallest ssd in the shop. This small ssd was now used as a buffer for the hdd. This ssd caching did work very well bit is absolutely not necessary . The only thing i would have done different is to buy a biger system ssd and a faster data hdd and no buffer ssd.

Case, cable management , Design I was not aiming for a specific color sheme or a super nice case like others do here. (Sorry no supersexy design here just normal hardwae) I just needed a simple case with enough space for cooler and cards. The define r4 was perfect. It offers decent cable management. But my case has no window so again no perfect aligned,colored cables.

Thats it...

Thanks for reading

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Classic GTX770 SLi power

  • 42 months ago
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Im afraid those days are gone soon... they are heading towards single cards more and more

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