(13.07.16) GPU is here since the first of July. Saying I am beyond happy doesn't do it justice! Good thing summer break started the same day :).

  • Not sure when I am going to do an updated 'Completed Build' thread. My sleeping schedule is a little wonky because of the heat and I barely get to see daylight so I can't take proper pictures. Once I'm done testing and tinkering I'll make sure to make some time. I then once again will write down the issues I encountered and what I'm unhappy with and what my plans are for the future.

(28.05.16) Little update and report on how it has been going 4 weeks later, before I post a new "completed build":

  • GPU the "Asus ROG Strix GTX 1080 OC" should be here on the 9th.

  • Old/Current GPU still rattling, even after serious cleaning and taking the thing apart.

  • Seriously scratched the side panel window. "Small" but very noticeable.

  • I kinda regret going for the side panel window now.. I mean it's nice and everything but it's never clean, there is always dust and dog hair stuck on the inside. And I don't know what it is but the panel seems to "sag", as if the holes for the "hooks" were positioned to low on the front. There is a gap on the top towards the front but trying to push the panel upwards doesn't make it move.

  • What I did not know was that the software for the motherboard and AIO cooler had to always be running on start up if I wanted anything else but default colors. Literally feels like bloatware.

  • Motherboard has some red lights (the "block" with 2x USB 3.0 and LAN port) on the rear IO that can not be turned off, ruining my attempt to color match.

  • Have yet to overclock further, decided to wait til the new GPU is here.

Else everything is fine. It's faster/better than expected and I thankfully had no issues linked to hardware so far.

Hello everyone, this is my new PC. His name is Karl.

My last computer (pre-built) was past the 4 year mark and I couldn't endure the slowness anymore, so I started planning my new computer in October last year. Karl had to be capable of gaming and running VMs. Budget was €1.700. I entered the exact prices I paid including taxes and I had no shipping fees. I set €700, the price of a GTX 980 Ti, to the side.

CPU: I definitely wanted an unlocked CPU and HT for VMs & longevity. So I went with the, back then, brand new i7-6700K. (Didn't wait for Kaby Lake because they got rid of tick-tock and it won't be something new)

Cooler: A liquid cooler, in my eyes, is a must for overclocking. The recently renamed Corsair H115i just happened to be there at the right time.

Motherboard: No particular reason why I went with MSI. The carbon on the other hand was very much a must because I dislike the red on the normal Z170A Gaming Pro. I only wish MSI would not have added the Type-C port to the carbon edition. I really have no use for it and don't see on having one anytime soon. Currently it's just "stealing" a normal USB port.

Memory: First I chose G.Skill Ripjaws V series for RAM but decided against it due to the large heat-spreader. Also Corsair's black DIMMs fit more than G.Skill's silver or blue and they cost the same.

SSD: Prepare for a long comment on this one. I am new to SSDs, never had one, never operated a computer that had one. Really had no idea how much faster they were compared to HDDs. All I knew was they had a huge price tag so I planned on not getting one. Now, how did I end up with one? A nice person on Reddit advised me to. He argued good and he pursued me into buying a SSD. I thank that person very much but I'm upset. Upset because I went with a small SSD and a 1TB hard drive. I'll continue the story below. Oh and I went with the Crucial BX200 because it was the cheapest with over 200GB.

HDD: Was a mistake. I should've went with a bigger SSD and no hard drive at all. My media and documents are all in the cloud or on my NAS, I really do not need storage inside of my PC. And I regret not spending the money I paid for the HDD on a bigger SSD. WD is the only manufacturer I have confidence in and trust. My previous Blue is to this day in perfect health.

Case: I fell in love with the look of the R5 after seeing it on my friends desk. It's a true beauty. Went with the S because I had no use for all the drive space and wasn't going to add an optical drive. Windowed version because I wanted to see the LEDs and dust buildup.

PSU: 750 Watt are adequate for a single GPU and all the other parts. Went with Corsair RMx rather than the praised EVGA Supernova G2 because it was the cheaper of the two.

OS: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit (from upgraded Windows 8.1 Professional key)

GPU: I added this down here since it's not on the list. I have an AMD Radeon HD 7850 1GB from Sapphire and am patiently waiting for Nvidia's new graphic cards lineup to arrive. I also have an issue with it.

The building process went pretty smooth. I had two "issues": the 24pin power cable would not click into the motherboard. I ended up forcing it to make click with a flat screwdriver. Also failed to plan where I wanted to put the extra case fan. I just expected it to fit in front of the PSU which it doesn't. I think I'll live with just one exhaust fan. Cable-management is a b!tch as everyone knows but it is very much worth the nice view.

I am very happy with how it turned out and that I saved hundreds of euros by building a computer myself. It's blazing fast and I really underestimated the speed of an SSD. As soon as the motherboard boot screen (which is really ugly, wtf MSI) is gone I'm on the desktop. No windows logo, nothing. I'm not done installing, updating and tweaking everything just yet, thus I'm only running at the safe 4.40GHz clock.

Advice and questions are very much welcome. Thanks for reading/viewing!

Part Reviews

CPU Cooler

Pro: Keeps everything cool whilst not being too loud.

Con: Ketchup link cable. I've read it's not needed if you care to dismiss the Link software but have not tried it myself.


Pro: Looks nice, has lights and easy to use/navigate BIOS.

Cons: USB Type-C connector (non-carbon edition has normal USB port), one straight and one angled SATA cable (would have preferred two angled) and can't completely turn off the rear IO panel lighting.


Blazing fast (if you like me never used SSDs before) and dirt cheap!


As everyone should know by now, the material the window is made of scratches super easy. I was set on "how would I ever scratch it? I'm super careful" but ended up scratching the thing anyways..

The case is very beautiful and it's features for the price are amazing but I regret getting the windowed version.


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Karl? Karl Marx? COMMUNISM? Last picture has red LED's? Communist Russia Confirmed??/ Jkjk, Hi Karl, you're build is amazing!

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Hi karl

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He sends a warm "Hi" back :)

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what is the benchmark of your pc? :) because im kinda interested of your build

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Which benchmarks? I've tested these so far:

3DMark Firestrike: 4514

Intel Extreme Tuning Utility: 1374 Marks

Cinebench: 873

Will do PCMark test over night, didn't know it would take 20-45 mins.

E: Geekbench 3 Tryout version gives me an upload error. No idea as to why. :/

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Great build +1.

I'm pretty much going for the same build (with a few differences), but I'll be using the iGPU until Polaris comes out instead of using a temporary video card.

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Awesome! :)

I would prefer to do that too, just use the iGPU, especially since the card seems to have some issues in the new environment but I'd really get frustrated by not being able to play games at a decent framerate, even if it would be just til June (hopefully).

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