Here it is! "The Resurrection" of my dead computer. Well it's actually a whole new one! You see, a couple weeks ago, I came home from work to find out that my dear hubby, bless his heart, spilled a cup of coffee right on to my computer case. Somehow in his effort to clean up the mess and wipe down the case, he managed to hit the power button. . .

        • POP QUIZ Kids: What happens when you poor liquid on to something electrical and power it up? C'mon! You guys gotta know this one! LOL * *

I think you can imagine what happened! My PC died as brutally as a Game of Thrones character!

So I spent about a week evaluating processors and boards, while checking prices and vendors and I came up with this build. PC Partpicker was a big help here! The build has gone through some tweaks, right up until the moment I was picking up the parts, but here is the final component list.

Enough idle chit-chat! Now on to my build:

I selected the i7 4770k because I wanted the multi-threading capabilities of the processor and wanted to be ready for whatever the future brings without having to upgrade again in a year. Plus this is my main computer and it is not just a gaming computer. It also didn't hurt that I got one helluva deal on the processor ($249.99!!!) making it that much easier to stick with the higher end processor.

I was agonizing a bit on which motherboard to go with, but that was also simplified by the vendor (Micro Center) as they had the Asus Z87 Pro on sale when coupled with the processor and then had an additional $15 rebate on top of that.

I checked Tom's Hardware when evaluating video cards and GTX 770 got a decent review. So far, I am very happy with my selection!

Picking up everything in-store (I reserved my order online) made the shopping easy. I also discovered some in-store deals they were having that day which enabled me to upgrade my memory to the Crucial Ballistix 1866 for no change in price and get a better HD (Western Digital 2T Black series for just $119!). So all-in-all well worth the trip.

I chose the Corsair Vengeance C70 case because the buckles made it quite easy to get to the interior. Plus I really liked the layout of the interior. Oh and pretty blue LED lights!!! :-)

Anyway, I brought my acquisitions home and . . . . . passed out on the couch! (It sucks not being 20-something . . . or 30-something for that matter, but let's not go there!) Needless to say, this project didn't get off the ground until after our Easter Sunday brunch.

The build went very well with one snag. I would highly recommend swapping out the screws in the Corsair H60 liquid cooler for ones that are about 1/4 inch longer. They aren't really long enough to go through the case and fan and into the radiator enough to hold. God forbid you have to make some changes after installing it like I did, you may find that the holes will strip or stretch just enough that the screws can't catch. Very annoying.

As you can see, everything is looking good. I'm really enjoying the performance. This is my first experience with water cooling and a SSD drive. The only downside to the SSD is that I need to remind myself to manually change the destination folder to one that's on the storage drive so I don't fill up the SSD. If anyone has a way to set the storage drive to be the automatic default drive for installations, that would be great.

Hope you like my build and thanks for your comments.


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Nice build! I love that case and blue LEDs, check out my build if you like the blue LEDs in the C70. +1