Update: Got a good deal on an manu refurb EVGA GTX 780 SC...and an acer led monitor for $50 from someone desperate for cash haha ;)

This is my first build, primary use will be gaming, and I plan to get my feet wet doing some overclocking to see what all the hype is about.

I've had a general idea about what I wanted to do for some time and have been buying parts for the past 6 months watching deals to save a few bucks, and finally got the MOBO and cpu on a deal and pulled the trigger. I was originally going to wait for the new Antec P380 case but the R5 was on sale, and looked like everything I wanted in a case for now!

CPU: i5 - 4690 k - primary use for this rig was gaming, so I didn't feel it necessary to get a i7 with the HT capabilities which is more suited for multiple applications at once, editing, etc... this CPU for the money is more than I need to game and do some beginner OC ing...afterall, IMO, the i7 is just an i5 with HT.

CPU COOLER: I knew from the get go that no matter what the rest of my components were, I wanted the nh d-15...and its a F***ing sexy beast!!! A little heavy, larger than I thought, and requires and little extra TLC when installing it, but it runs SUPER quiet and keep my i5 cool. Idles at 30 - 32 C a 600 RPM. Under load, the highest temp so far was 55 - 60 C. This thing blows all in one contained water coolers out of the water..

MOBO: ASUS Z87 Sabertooth...originally I was shooting for a Z97 - A...But after a little more research, and the value of this board that I got it for...I have absolutely ZERO regrets...This motherboard is solid, stays cool, and the bios is legit right out of the box. Booted first time no problems, recognized and auto adjusted to read all components... This thing is reinforced with a metal back plate over the entire board, along with the TUF guard up top. It perfect for and can handle the heavier CPU coolers like the Noctua, and additional stress from other on board components. It features are endless, and in all honesty the z97s main difference is m.2 support (big deal) and a couple other minor things. The integrated cooling features, like the two little stock airflow fans, and the airflow valves, never let this thing go above 33 C temp. Supports a ton of fans and has high 10k capacitors to make this thing virtually indestructible. Not to mention a 5 year warranty. I'm still messing around with it, but so far, thing is amazing, and solid.

RAM: Corsair Vengeance LP 8 GB ( 2 x 4 gb) - Solid RAM, perfect for gaming, and compatible with the NH D15...nuff said

Update 1/29: Added another 8 GB ( 2 x 4 gb) - needed the extra ram because I've started doing a lot more multitasking and a/v editing!

Storage: Samsung SDD is for the OS, Windows 8.1, primarily and some other software I want to load super quick, and everything else to the WD BLACK...IMO best traditional HDD line you can get..reliable and fast. Will be adding some SSDs in future for gaming use and apps.

Video Card: Don't kill me here, got this EVGA 750 ti SC temporarily as it was in my previous old rig, and this was the best thing it could handle, I'm simply using this as a transition GPU until I decide if i want a 780ti or just get a 900 series GTX...Thoughts anyone? greatly appreciated. For now its holding its own...

Update 1/29: I have a GTX 980 in this bad boy now, thing is an absolute beast, will be looking to pick up another card to SLI in future to enhance gaming, multi monitor use (looking into getting a couple 4k displays, and to enhance editing. I've uploaded and extra pic, enjoy.

PSU: EVGA 750 W G2...Was going to get a seasonic, but now EVGA with this line has the same capacitor tech as seasonic and easily is as good if not better. This PSU is absolutely solid, great value (got it on sale at newegg) and so far no issues whatsoever. Packaged well, comes with a ton of cables, and is appealing aesthetically. No complaints...thumbs up to evga...and no its not overkill...obviously I'm going to add some heavy hitting cards most likely in SLI for some eventual 4k gaming with high FPS.

Case: Fractal Design R5....WOW....that about sums it up...It looks sharp, is super quiet, built very sturdy...super spacious with plenty of side panel clearance for cable management and a huge CPU cooler....will accommodate long GPUS...has plenty of room for water cooling...removable cage drives...everything basically tool less....multiple filters that are easily removable...multiple case fan options...and a built in fan hub, sata powered, which can accommodate 3 case fans if you run out on the mobo....only downside is you cant control them from bios...etc...list goes on...only challenge I struggled with was that it was slightly difficult to connect the front panel usb 3.0 header into the sabertooth...primarily due to the header location on the mobo, but other mobos shouldnt be an issue. Also, cable management for me was a little tedious...will look to improve. Oh, lastly, the included fans are OK, but def will be getting some noctuas or something else depending if I want to stick with a black/white scheme, and the top case panel covers (3 total) pain in the *** to remove...

Future thoughts.. Will be upgrading GPU, adding more case fans, and will reupload more pics...any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated in advance...let me know what you guys think for this first time gaming build, and any suggestions to help!!!!! Thanks!!

Update 1/29: Originally installed Windows 8.1; got the free upgrade to Windows 10, however I'm encountering issues with Windows 10...Hardware all works fine, but on every start up, after about 5-10 mins I get a blue screen and then the computer restarts and then I don't have the issue after this first restart...Any thoughts on remedying this issue...The three error messages I get which rotate are HKEY_ .... (I for the rest); System_Service_Exception, and one about Memory_.... I reinstalled Windows 10 through the repair file available on their website with no luck :( again not a hardware issue, but I can't seem to pinpoint the problem with the software....My guess is something is overlapping with old Windows 8.1 files somewhere but Idk where to go from here...any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!!


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Right now all I have are the CPU, MOBO, and RAM but your build has the exact same CPU and MOBO so I wanted to check it out. If you are looking for a better GPU, check out /r/buildapcsales, they have GPU's like these listed.

...and many more that come up every day. Many of these deals are great, but all depend on what you are trying to do with them. For you, if you have the money or will in a month, wait out for the new 300 series to come out of R9's in June, which most are pretty hopeful to be amazing. However, if you are just trying to run 1080p with good fps, from what I have learned any of the GPU's I listed will work fine (although I am still learning about which particular brands are trustworthy). Please anybody correct me if I'm wrong as I have just started learning all this. I am trying to run 4k on at least some games on my build so I am waiting out for the new GPU's.

Otherwise, I say it seems like a solid build and can't wait to hear updates on how it runs and see newer pictures.

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Sorry for the delayed response, but thanks for the reply. Personally, I prefer the intel interface with GPU vs the amd platform cards. In my experience they have always been solid and very reliable...I have from time to time had issues with amd cards in the past, but I'm not sure whether it was related to my build hardware, in which i have always uses asus intel mobos and intel cpus. From my understanding, in a general sense, amd gpus are better suited and run better in amd platforms with coressponding apus...but I havent done an in depth look into this. I'm sure those cards are amazing. I just updated my build with an EVGA (in my opinion the best brand for GPUS) gtx 780...the card is absolutely unphased and a total beast. I am saving up to get a more current card, and most likely will go with a new 900 series gtx...unless something way better comes out soon which I doubt for now. I have uploaded a couple new pics.

Also, I have just order 6 Noctua NF a14 PWM case fans, and with this purchased a swiftech 8 way pwm splitter which will allow me to run all fans via pwm via this mobos cpu_opt pwm fan hub. The even better thing is that this splitter is independently sata powered so it doesnt put any power demands on the board, making it a more stable set up, and will be able to send a pwm signal to all fans. The only thing is that it will only display the cpu_opt rpm speed in the bios which is the speed for all the fans...not really a downside, but excited to upgrade the ventilation, in which Ill have 4 exhuast and 2 intake fans. I'm not really fond of the two include fractal design gp 14s and the included standard fan hub. Not that they dont work great, because they do...but I'm ocd and want maximal optimization in the rig. Cable management I already foresee is going to be the biggest challenge!

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get either a gtx 960 or gtx 970 if u can afford it

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got a evga gtx 980 sc for a good deal will upload pic soon