Parents wanted a laptop so I sold them my gaming machine to them for $700. First ever build. It isn't anything fancy... it's the build that a lot of people are going with on here (3570k, extreme4, hyper 212 evo).

Prices when purchased:

  • CPU - $169.99
  • CPU Cooler - $29.99
  • MoBo - $94.99
  • RAM - $29.99
  • HD - $95
  • GPU - $299 ($30 MIR + 3 Game Coupon)
  • Case - $74.98
  • PSU - $89.99 (See Edit 12/24/12 below)
  • Optical - $17.99
  • Monitor - $174.12 ($10 MIR)
  • Keyboard - $59.99
  • Mouse - $16.97

  • Total Cost of Parts: $1163

  • Credits: $850 ($700 from Laptop, $50 from purchasing two MoBos and flipping one for profit, $60 from 3 in 1 coupon sold on Ebay, $40 from rebates)
  • Already had a 256 GB Crucial m4 SSD

Total Cost by Me: $313

I bought an Extreme4 from NewEgg for $104.99 but found the MicroCenter deal and just sold it on Ebay for $155 instead of dealing with NewEgg's restocking fee of $15.

As a beginner, I spent a lot of time doing things wrong. Getting the mounting brackets on the CPU cooler took a lot longer than I thought it would... I was making it harder than it was. In retrospect, I probably should've plunked down an extra $50-$75 for a modular PSU since the cables were a hassle to manage. Either that or gotten a case that had better cable management. I'm really happy with the general components though and it performs wonderfully. I wish I knew what to do with the rear fan cables rather than just have them dangle there... but they aren't really visible even through the side panel window.

In a few months, I'll probably give in and just upgrade the PSU to something like the Seasonic X 650W Gold. For now, the 550 works just fine and the cables aren't annoying me that much.

Pictures from Left to Right...

  • System how it looks now
  • Parts
  • The second after everything was hooked up. No attempt at cable management.
  • Back of the case after swapping to the Seasonic X650 PSU
  • Everything after PSU swap

Edit (12/24/12): Originally had an XFX 550W PSU that was purchased for $64.99. Went ahead and just purchased the Seasonic X 650 Gold that I mentioned above. It was pretty cheap on NewEgg at $89.99 (I checked this morning and it's up to $130 so maybe I caught it on sale). Still not sure if I'll implement it. I probably will just for the cable management ease and gives me a bit more flexibility when it comes to future expansion.

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  • 86 months ago
  • 2 points

I love your build! Good cable management, great balance of parts. I love how many deals you sniped.

I can't think of anything I would've done differently. :)

  • 84 months ago
  • 1 point

It appears your build is on carpet, so I am wondering why your psu is upside down? I heard your only suppose to do that on a hard surface.