Been saving for a long time; I thought this would be a good build for the timing. I hope it is future proof enough for 1080p60fps for the next 6ish years. Hopefully Pascal doesn't make me regret what I bought. I have built several PCs for other people, but never one for myself. And to quote the marine from the trailer of Starcraft 2 "Hell it's about time." I want to do this reasonably for a reasonable price, but that's from my perspective on reasonable price.

Anyways, I want to develop some games (mostly for ***** and giggles), do some rendering, and other similar productivity stuff. But my current laptop is pretty pathetic when handling those types of loads; it has an i7-4500u, 8gb ram, gt 820m. And some of the minimum specs for programs I intend to use are: quad core processor (the i7 is 2 core 4 threads), 8gb ram, and a dx11 capable video card (slightly ambiguous with this). So for my PC build I wanted 4 cores, hyper threaded was a bonus, so I was limited to i5s, i7s, and Xeons. 8gb or 16gb of Ram (high speed ddr4 would've been nice). And some gpu in the 150-300 USD range.

So here is the parts I eventually grabbed & why Xeon 1231v3 - Basically an i7 without an iGPU for around $100 less. 16GB RAM - It was just a little more than 8GB so why not. Edit: I use over 8 GB under light load so I'm super happy I went with 16GB (too bad DDR3 is raising in price again). GTX 970 - Low power consumption, some (proprietary ****) software, $50 less than the R9 390 in my case. The rest was the cheapest I could grab that were decent quality.

Will follow up with pictures, benchmarks, and other stuff!

Edit (Almost a year later, MB):

I don't recommend scavenging a HDD and using it long term; get a new one ASAP (or better yet an SSD), mine has corrupted multiple files and is generally very slow. As nice as a PC as this is my needs are changing; I'm having to cram more and more books on my desk at once for college so I believe I'm going to take most of the parts in this build to make a ITX workstation. The rest of the parts are going to be used in a NAS build. Still handles games like a beast for my current 1080p60 setup. Feel free to hate at my camera and cable management.

My VERY VERY VERY unprofessional benchmarks (please check other sources don't take mine for 100% legitimacy there could be issues with my particular "testing") : League of Legends - Maxed @ 1080p 100-140 fps, CSGO - Lowest @ 1080p (idk why with my ****** monitor) - 290-310 fps, BF4 - Medium & High mix (sorry for being vague) @ 4k DSR - 55-60, BF1 - Maxed @ 1080p - Never below 60 fps.

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Do you still like this PC?