My girl was looking in to get a desktop for practical and gaming reasons, so I took up the task of building her a system that should be plenty capable for her needs. Been a while since I built a system, I'm still using my E8400 @4.0GHz, GTX260 setup and it's plenty for the gaming I do (Dota, CS:GO)


CPU: FX-6300. Just a pure price/performance play. I built and tested a stable profile for OC, but I won't re-apply it unless she needs it, because of power efficiency and component stress

Cooler: I used a Freezer 7 pro before on my E8400, got it dirt cheap, so for the mild OC of this setup, it's fine. Quiet, too. I really hate how the motherboard mounts the fan such that it's not in a push-pull configuration.

Mobo: I had a great experience with my Intel Gigabyte Mobo, and this was the cheapest quality board I could find. Definitely a little thin on the PCB and a little wonky in the BIOS (HPC setting, etc) but overall I'm satisfied for the price I paid.

Memory: Cheapest 8GB 1600 sticks. Need to change CAS latencies from the preset 9 to 10, otherwise defaults to 1333 (lame). Fine other than that

Storage: We use my computer as a media server, so 240Gb should be plenty for her. Heck of a deal of what I'm told is a quality brand.

GPU: The crown jewel - paid $165 from a Bitcoin miner I know who ran this card for 3 months in an undervolted farm (increases hash/watt). Should enable running just about any game she cares to throw at it. I did a super mild clock only OC just because, why not? I did have to Dremel off the end of the plastic fairing around the fans, such that it was flush with the aluminum heat sink fins. I don't know why they bother to make the extra length, there was ZERo chance of it fitting in this particular mid ATX case without it. I'm not sure if that's common, but honestly it was kind of fun to know that it takes some work to make this combo of parts work. So far I'm happy with the "Buy used" decision, but I'm not sure I'd recommend it unless you "know a guy".

Case: She wanted Blue, and this was a reasonable price. I think this looks pretty sharp, but it was flimsy and note a lot of attention to detail compared to my Antec Sonata 3. Punch out PCI slots (lame). No great shakes. Blue LED fans look nice, though

Power Supply: Price/Performance in a decent brand. In the future, I'm ponying up for modular, the extra leads really make cable management a chore (so I barely tried at the induction fan)

Optical Drive: Appears to work, who cares.

Monitor (and while I'm in here, a Razer 3.5G Deathadder, Sony MDR V-55 Headphones, and a QCK Steelpad.) Monitor is very slim and I appreciate the LED backlight. Again, very happy with the price I paid.


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Nice that you bought the card so cheap. Great balanced build. Is the CPU cooler loud though?

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It seems pretty quiet, the case fans are fairly loud for what they are, though. The freezer is clearly a tier down in overall cooling performance compared to elite air coolers, but the sound is very livable