This is my first build, It is going to replace the laptop I currently use which was an Alienware R17 for editing and gaming which has been acting up for some time now. When I was purchasing parts was taking a few months to decide what I wanted in it and seemed to drawn-out process lol but here we are. I originally ordered a Ventus 2080ti for this from dell but my order kept getting delayed twice the final delay was when I said screw this!! so I went to BestBuy and picked up an EVGA 2080 Super. I also ordered a 2060 before to make it a backup in case the 2080 went bad so I could continue working but when building I quickly realized 2060 was bad so that is being sent out to be replaced. Other than that everything went together well and is running smoothly! Watching youtube and coming here glancing at the possibilities of what I wanted was great! You can find the video of the build in the link below.

Part Reviews


The price of this CPU is great for what your getting! Has been destroying anything I've been throwing at it so far with no issue and has been far better than any other CPU I owned! Well done AMD


Best budget MOBO with the Best VRM's! the only con I have is having to use fan splitters but other than that an awesome board!


What can I say it's fast and reliable. No issues thus far


Absolutely the best drive money could buy right now! you'll hear no complaints from me on this one.


I use this drive for my games and they load very fast, no issue so far and at a good price!


I chose these drives for my edits, has been very reliable and at a good price you can't go wrong.

Video Card

This card is a Beast! Has made gaming fun again.


I love this case very easy to work with.

Power Supply

Clean, quiet and powerful. Has been working well so far.

Case Fan

Sleek and quiet fans with plenty of colors no complaints


I couldn't pass this monitor up for the price and I'm glad I didn't it looks amazing


This mouse feels great in the hand and very easy to use!


Huge mousepad! looks and feels great

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