IF YOU WANT TO BUY THAT CASE BE AWARE: Mine came with the front panel opened, and broke some plastic. If you buy this case and CAN ask to the seller something, I would ask him to take that front dust filter and sent it on another box or inside the case with a lot of paper or something.

Yes. Very dumb of me picking a lot of those components. Didn't think enough ahead, and didn't just know enough. (And I didn't buy everything at once: Got pc and all parts, then the rest. I was using a cheap keyboard, headphones and a monitor with isn't mine)

Cable management: Didn't use a single zip tie: removed the ssd cages on the back, and with a little help of another person, I was able to make room and it's not making the side panel any force. I would like to have use zip ties, because next time I open the back side panel it will all fall, but there aren't even close to enough spots to tie the cables.

OC: Stable @4.3GHz, can't remember the Voltage

Temps: CPU is 30ºC all the time, 35º if I go play LoL, and doesn't go over 45 in BF3/Crysis 3/ Natural Selection 2.

GPU: Saving money for the GTX970, just got this because I don't have a brain. Also MSI Afterburner crashes my pc a lot, but I think thats only with youtube open. OC it to 1300MHz, the memory makes artifacts right away (but in benchmarks work better, games, crash) -> Got the GTX970 MSI 100ME, OC to+150Hz Clock +450Hz memory. Just a bit more voltage. (454$)

The other hardware is great, but if you're building a Gaming PC, I would go very differently now.

But it has been a lot of fun. Thank you for reading.

Stock: OC: Now stable w/ 970:

(Edited but some values are old and wrong, 2 pictures in the end with the new GPU)


  • 58 months ago
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Please just set your CPU clock speed to 4.2 Ghz and forget about it; no way you can't reach that OC with the hardware you've got, and it will really help you out.

  • 58 months ago
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Overall nice build. I guess now you know about what will happen if you don't research ahead of time. You get something and end up regretting it.

Hopefully you can save up quickly. +1 from me. :)

  • 58 months ago
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Your build looks great. My only criticism is I feel a $30-50 cooler could have done a decent job even with an overclock and you aren't even planning an OC with $140 cooler. That cooler cost could have you put close to getting a 970 on same budget. Again great build though and I am sure that cpu and cooler with an OC will future proof you for a while in the cpu department and when you get the 970 that should last a few years as well!

  • 58 months ago
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Yeah. Still seeing OC guides and things. Slowly I will try. Thank you for the comment.

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Instead of getting like 300 dollars worth of peripherals, get a better video card.