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Senior build

by newamdlover



CPU Clock Rate



This is my second AMD build and just as fun as the first, I built this for my parents to pay bills, play poppit and browse the web. This computer is actually very fast and I would consider building a second for my wife and son, I reused my parents old seanix case that was housing their outdated pentium 4 2.60ghz with hyperthreading, as for a optical drive I just robbed one from a spare computer I had laying around. My only regret is not using a asus motherboard, two sata cords, a manual and a install cd was the extent of the gigabyte package, asus offers so much more for the money.

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newamdlover submitter 2 Builds 2 points 53 months ago

Liam thank you for the review, I had contemplated a dual core like the A6-6400k or the A6-5400k for 30$ less, it would have done the trick for their usage requirements. I'm all about overkill lol j/k, funny thing about that psu you mentioned I had it on the build sheet and memory express said they ran out....so I picked this termaltake because of the price, as the keyboard and mouse were not actually part of the original build sheet but after seeing what my parents had been using I couldn't not buy them the keyboard/mouse combo heh

Liam81 1 point 53 months ago

Great of you to help your folks by building this for them. M guess is that a dual core could have done the job but the graphics in this chip are better and that is a plus not to mention the larger cache. I think for the money you could have purchased a Corsair 430 watt semi-modular PSU and kept the clutter to a minimum. It appears this case has minimal cable management and I see you tried to keep things gathered out of the way of the main airflow.

By the way...I have seen two reviews on this mobo and both show that there are two included packs of SATA cables and each has two cables. Two are straight to straight while the other two are straight to 90 degree connectors. Typically ASUS offers less at the same price ( as far as accessories are concerned). Not a knock on ASUS ( I have never had an issue with any mobo of theirs).

kornonnakob 1 point 52 months ago

I am having no video input error with this mobo, any advice on debugging this mobo? I reseated the cpu, was loose. And reseated the mobo in the case, and reset cmos but still no video. Theres no beeps either. Is there a audio/visual way to debug this mobo?