Hi I've been using a laptop for past 5 years and it was time to upgrade, So i decided to go with an AMD build because they've never failed on me and worked pretty well (also cheap).

CPU: I chose the fx-8320 over the 8350 because i was planning on overclocking anyways so i saved couple of bucks there. So far it's been working great i can multitask like crazy without lagging xD.

Cooler: I chose the Noctua NH-D14 because i wanted to use air cool rather than water, also got on sale so woop woop :D.

MOBO: This baby is awesome looks great does the job, no complaints here.

Memory: I got these on sale and they do their job so pretty happy about that. In future i might upgrade to 16GB RAM.

Storage: The SSD is beautiful works hella fast, and for my storage the barracuda works great.

GPU: I managed to get one right before the prices on these sky rocketed and i also got lucky that mine didn't turn out to be defective or anything.

Case: The case looks nice'n'all but for cable management its horrible :/ or maybe its just me. I might change my case later on in the future.

Power Supply: Got this bad boy on sale for $100 its fully modular but as you can see my pictures i need a major cable managment.

Monitor: Also got this guy on sale for $100 it works great for a hundred dollar monitor.


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Overall this is a pretty nice build, aside from needing some cable management (which you already know), especially with a semi-modular PSU. I like the case, and I have that same Barracuda drive, it's awesome.

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nice bulid i like the blue color on the outside