A pretty decent build with used components (and refurbished graphics card) in a new case.

Cost per component (shipping costs included) : - CPU + MB + RAM : 340€ - CPU cooler : 20€ (Pure Wings fan replace by a Silent Wings one) - GPU : 250€ - NVMe + OS : 20€ - HDD : 25€ - PSU : 60€ - Case : 52€ (I added an old Noctua 3 pin fan in front)

Total : ~770€

It's a pretty decent price for such a PC. It runs 73 fps average under "Shadow of the Tomb Raider" in 1440p.

The case, bought at a special price, looks good with its tempered glass side pannel and its RGB LEDs, but the quality is not so good, and I cannot recommend it. For exemple it was really hard to fit the PSU inside, because there is a very few space between the PSU and the HDD cage, wich is not removable.

The motherboard is quite good with some modern properties for a 2016 one, including RGB management and NVMe support.

NVMe must be taken from a laptop : Windows 10 came with it, with dozens of Acer softwares. I had to do a clean install.

The graphics card is excellent, surprisingly quiet even in load. I got it for an insane price as a refurbished item on a big french online sales website.

I was pretty disapointed with the PSU. Quality build is OK, but the fan in insanely loud even in iddle. There is an "eco" mode that can avoid the fan noise, but it's replaced by a huge coil whine... I hope these problems do not arise with all the power supplies in the GQ range from EVGA.

Benchmarks : - 3DMark Fire Strike : 17078 - 3DMark Time Spy : 6791 - Cinebench : 168.79 fps / 1073 cb - UserBenchmark : Gaming 89% / Desktop 81% / Workstation 69%

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