Recently spent 4 months working in the US and couldn't resist taking advantage of the cheaper PC component & electrical prices so did some upgrading to my gaming rig.

Managed to get my hands on i7 7700k (replacing i5-7500) for £200 once converted from $-£ & 1070 Ti (replacing 1060 3gb) for $400. Also picked up the Audio Technica headphones & Samson Go Mic Connect for considerably cheaper prices compared to the UK.

As the title suggests, the main use of the computer is for gaming. Performance wise, this machine plays my main game, Rainbow Six Siege like it's nothing & gives me frames way past 144 to comfortably match my monitors 144hz refresh rate. That's with the GPU running at 2050mhz during boost OC'ing using the ASUS tweak software & monitoring with MSI Afterburner. It also handles PUBG with ease, with most settings on high / ultra except for 'foilage & effects' to keep a competitive edge, easily pumping out frames around or above the 144 mark.

I decided to get the chip delidded using a well reviewed service on eBay, total cost £12.99 plus initial postage fee's for me sending the chip to the chap. Absolute bargain I'd say, highest temp I've recorded is 70c running the CPU @ 5 GHz.

I am tempted to tinker some more and move the AIO radiator to the front of the case, but it is a bit of a faff having to remove the HDD cages etc to access the front mounting points. Cable management could still use some work, when I purchased the AIO it was a upgrade to an existing air cooler and I didn't think to much about the cable management and just wanted to get it in and working.

I have also purchased a 'upHere' GPU brace off Amazon after I noticed the graphics card had started to sag after uploading these photos. Works as intended and doesn't negatively affect the aesthetics of the build.

Part Reviews


Runs well as expected, got mine delidded & it running @ 5 GHz with my Corsair H115i PRO

CPU Cooler

Got from a company on eBay who sell items from the liquidation of companies etc for £100 - very happy with the performance and looks for the price point. Keeping my delidded i7 7700k at very reasonable temps, currently clocked at 5 GHz it doesn't get much past 70c under full load. Only reason it's not 5 stars is because I think the fans should have RGB as it's Corsair's RGB version of the H115i.


Great mobo for the price, basic but with everything I needed. Easy to follow manual for someone who hadn't built a PC in over 10 years.


Had issues few weeks after purchase where 1 of the modules had faults, Corsair sent a new 2x8 gb set no questions asked - no issues since.


Not the quickest, however it's still a big step up from HDD

Video Card

Got it for a good price of around $400 - runs well, looks good.


Spacious case, lots of good routing holes for cable management.

Power Supply

semi modular, but why not? I've got a PSU shroud to hide it anyway.. Works great, no problems what so ever and considering the price save over fully modular its a no brainer...


Great monitor for the price and 144hz. The default colours / settings aren't the best, however there is lots of guides online to improve the settings for better colours etc.


Perfect for the casual gamer - I don't use this for voice overs / content creation etc but it's perfect for in game chat, discord etc. When you don't need all the fancy functions on more expensive mics this does the job well.


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