I've had this computer for several months now, actually closer to half a year. I ordered parts as I got the money for them, which I will not do again, more on that later.

First off, the CPU: This CPU is great. There was a lot of confusion with it working with the dedicated graphics card at first, but everything worked out. I've never had 4 cores before and let me say, it's really nice. It's fast and quite reliable. I was able to run a Tekkit server, and play on that server on this computer because of this CPU.

CPU Cooler: There was confusion with this as well. I purchased it and it arrived last, which is fine because I ordered it last. I tried to install it, got it on after much struggle and strife, tried to close the case of the PC, the cooler was too big :'( This thing is so massive, make sure to double check your cases dimensions. 4-stars because my friend has one and it works quietly and does a good job of keeping his i7 chill. So, instead of using this cooler, I used the one provided with the CPU. I'm not overclocking, so it's not necessary to get a cooler now, but later on I'll be upgrading to a Corsair liquid cooling system and will be "OC-ing."

MotherBoard: Works great I guess. Truly, I don't know the difference between one mother board to the next, I always thought they were there just to connect the components together. 5-stars because so far, it has had zero issues.

Memory: I didn't get this specific set of RAM. I got a set of 8GB Patriot something-or-others. They run like you'd expect them to. No rating because I can't rate what I haven't had experience with.

Storage: Start-up could be faster, but other than that, it works quietly and quickly other than that.

Video Card: This card was DOA, dead on arrival, which is why I said that I wouldn't be picking up parts as I went in the future. I plugged it in and turned the computer on for the first time and it just wouldn't run. While it was a shame, it enabled me to get a better card as I had been saving up for another of the same card to use for crossfire :D I ended up getting the MSi Radeon R9 270, not the 270x mind you. The 270 and the 270x were so close in performance that I figured that I'd rather save $20 rather than get an increase of .05 GHz or something like that. This R9 would be rated as 5 stars for sure, I am quite pleased with its performance. And it's quiet.

Case: This case is sick, and relatively cheap. When buying a case, you need to know, if you're on a tight budget, the case is where you can cut corners on looks. But, make sure it has plenty of vents for the hot air to escape! This case is cheap, it looks good, and it has great circulation. Fans are included on all vents, which was a pleasant surprise, even the large light-up fan is included. It's kinda tight inside, so like I said before, the cooler couldn't fit, and wire management was tough, but that's just because I was eager to turn the computer on for the first time lol! As for you liquid-cooling fans out there, this case has a perfect spot for a double radiator on the top of it. Two 120mm vents! 5 stars because it's a great all-around deal, and it looks awesome!

Power Supply: Can't complain, the computer makes noise...somewhere...dunno where, but it's not this. I can't hear this thing at's scary. 5 stars....because. That's why. Corsair FTW!

Optical Drive: I got this just to make sure I was able to install the driver for my wireless adapter, which ended being a 300 Mbps Asus usb adapter, and Windows 7, which I got from my sister's fiancee who is the tech administrator for a school district (it helps to have friend in the industry). It works, and did what it was supposed to do.

Case Fan: Got these because they matched the external color scheme I was going for, which was Black and Blue. One of the fans gave out which is why one of them has 3 stars and the other has 4. They are great fans. They come with vibration dampeners (I think that's what they called them) which are rubber bolts that replaced the bolts that normally hold the fans in. These vibration dampeners were a b**** to get in! I had marks on my thumbs for 2 days! But damn it was worth it. These fans are/were(remember one of them died) really silent. Thumbs up to Aerocool!

Keyboard: It was a keyboard. That's it. A really good value though. I eventually upgraded to a Logitech G510s which is really nice, it's big and it has a screen :). I highly recommend it. Unless you want clacky keys, then don't get this, cause it ain't clacky. The software that it is used to control it allows you to create profiles for games and mess with the backlights and everything. It's fun!

Mouse: This is definitely a knock-off of some Logitech mouse. But it is good quality and a cheap price AND it fit my color scheme, so I bought it, and it works really well. If you use the lights, you'll tun the battery down significantly faster than you would if you leave them off. It has three power modes, off, on, then light on. If you only use on, the battery will run for three months max.

Monitor: They're not on here because I did my own price hunting. I found a refurbished HP monitor, dunno the model number off the top of my head, but it's the one on the right in the first picture. It was a beautiful step up from a crappy laptop screen. No more claustrophobia WOO! \o/ I think its about 21.5 inches and it has Displayport, DVi and VGA support. And it is very stable. And the mount is very adjustable, with the ablilty for horizontal and vertical adjustment and you can angle it up or down. And the screen can be rotated 90 degrees to portrait mode. That monitor was the only one I had for 5 months, then Cyber Monday came around and of course there was a beautiful monitor half-off. It's an Acer (on the left in the first picture) 23.5 inches, it has HDMI, DVi, and VGA support, no speakers though (I'm a headphone user). The image is crystal clear, but it's a bit wobbly. I wouldn't recommend it if you don't have a sturdy desk or if you bang your legs into said desk a lot. PM if you want the exact model numbers of these two glorious monitors, I'm positive it will prove trivial to dig up on my order list on Newegg.

Thanks for reading! Comment on what I should have done, or what I could have done better! I will try to answer any questions I get.

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  • 63 months ago
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First off nice build! But I have to say it....stock cooler.

  • 63 months ago
  • 1 point

I know... I just don't know what to get. There was no compatibility warning in my build menu regarding the cooler and case I! If you have any suggestions, please let me know!

  • 63 months ago
  • 2 points

Phanteks PH-TC12DX_BK. This is a good choice . I picked it and it runs/looks very nice. Keeps the i7 4790k at perfect temps. I got intel and amd brackets with it.

  • 63 months ago
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is it just me or do you hate it when people have desktop icons and a duplicated wallpaper on double monitors, idk. but any ways its a pretty good build but pls dont buy a water cooler for 6600k. its such a waste. you could overclock that plenty on a the 212 evo, dont spend more than the processor on a cooler its just dumb

  • 63 months ago
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Noted, thanks for the advice. But still the case caters well for liquid cooling radiators. As for the dual monitors, lol, there is no reason to have two monitors if you're just going to duplicate the screen.

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