Edit: Didn't feel like going through my wall o' text again but (as you can see by the part list) made some major upgrades. Some of what's below may not be fully updated, but I've been upgraded the same PC for nearly 3-4 years now...

Bought the 4k Samsung monitor, the 980 Ti, new headset, keyboard, and mouse, and added some new RAM Only thing I might've done differently was bought more and faster RAM. Only because I ended up upgrading to Windows 8.1 Pro anyway (now Windows 10 Pro) and have done without the 1333 speed ram. However, the Corsair Vengeance low profile fits nicely underneath the CPU cooler.

Here's a post I made on tomshardware, there's a reply on there I made that goes through a lot of setting this up and upgrading

CPU(i7-4790k): I felt this option had more value than going with a 4770k, as the FX-8350 plus and AMD mobo combo felt much cheaper. Gonna OC by a tad soon... (I've since upgraded to the 4790k, office discussions/arguments about the FX-8350 vs Intel CPUs on intels side have been nice, but there's no argument when the FX-8350 sees 100% CPU usage against a 4790k that breezes through everything and does justice to the 980 Ti...)

CPU Cooler(Corsair H105): I would not recommend this cooler for this case, I don't know how I got everything in there, but you can see the radiator's 38mm thick slightly cuts off the top of the mounting bracket part from view. However, it all seems to be working well and I can't complain about the performance. But, am I doing something wrong or is my chosen blue ring accent supposed to have been brighter/light up?
Just whatever you do invest in an aftermarket cooler of some sort with the FX-8350, the stock one is pretty much a jet engine, and it was nice going from idles of 40 and load temps of 68-72 and the 5000-6000 rpm beast to a nice closed water cooler that I havn't seen break like 52... My ASRock fan control has been good to decrease it to level 3 out of 10 tho, so that way it's much quieter, even when playing games I havn't seen it have to break into auto and have to cool it down. Very nice gentle whisper dba level.

Mobo(ASRock 970 EXTREME4): After upgrading from an OEM motherboard, 10/10. Just seeing the bootup logo was pissing me off lol, since there's like no support for that thing. I was looking to upgrade just the cpu on the old one before I decided to go all out and it was impossible to figure out what CPUs were compatible, you can see some of the confusion here This mobo is great tho, I just have had trouble with the top standoff type screw thing matching up on this case., also I love the ASRock extreme tuner, and the XFast Lan utilities, and it's UEFI (upgraded to the Gigabyte GA-Z97-HD3 ATX LGA1150 for the new processor).

Memory: This stick came with a combo with the case, and works well with the 2 sticks I salvaged, listed at the end of the part list. Edit: So far I saved a lot by salvaging my RAM, but my configuration is still a work in progress- I have a total of 14GB of RAM currently after most recently adding the PNY Optima stick...

Storage: So far the Kingston SSDNow has had no problems and I got for better value then the popular Samsung Evo. Using it as OS drive as well as for a couple apps, while the WD Blue was also salvaged from the previous PC. Added another 2TB off a good deal on a Seagate.

Video Card(Gigabyte GeForce GTX 770 2GB WindForce OC): I had a Radeon HD 7770 for the longest time, and felt I needed an upgrade because it was barerly hovering around 20fps on more demanding titles.

Case(Thermaltake Chaser A31 Snow White): Overall I love the A31, and I love how it looks so unique. The front slots are all drive bay covers, the middle ones aren't functional because the inner cage is removed to make room, so I guess it's more of an aesthetic thing.

PSU(Corsair CX 600W): I got this when I had a Radeon HD 7770 from a previous build, and so far it's holding up and is thankfully compatible with the GTX 700 series as well. It does make cable management very difficult tho as it's non-modular.

OS(Win7 64-bit): If you go to the first post link, I was able to use Win7 from a previous machine, and this copy of windows is only running on one machine so AFAIK that's fine, and it was able to activate after switching mobo platforms too.

Monitor: This 1920x1080 monitor has been great, and the picture is 10x better than my secondary one, I do not recommend the HP W2072a.

Keyboard(Rosewill Apollo RK-9100xBBR): It's kind of lacking with a lot of extra multimedia keys and combines them all using the function plus F keys, but I like how it is minimalistic in that way, just gotta turn the back-light off before the PC unless you like a nightlight. Also the brown switches are still kinda loud... Spilled stuff on it and switched in the orange WSAD and Arrow keys since, still works.

Mouse: TBH this mouse(Razer Orochi) is made for notebooks and mobile. I have really been eyeing the Logitech G600 and Corsair M65... Edit: I went with the SteelSeries Sensei RAW Wired Laser, the version I got is actually the white/gray frost blue one, but that wasn't listed...

Headset: I hate the Plantronics .Audio 995 headset so much. The wireless feels like it dies in less than 2 hours for me, and it is not comfortable, don't recommend it. Looking into a Logitech G430 or an Astro soon, but just hooked up a TurtleBeach X31 for now.
Edit: So I picked up the SteelSeries Siberia v2 just because of the good things I heard about it Edit: Astro A40's now, best ones yet.

Other: I've also got the wireless receiver for the 360 controller

Pics *This is a glimpse of my old setup, current setup coming soon *


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Nice, I'd get faster RAM though.

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Yeah, idk tho cuz any RAM with a heatsink is pretty much out of the question cuz there's 0 clearance with the current radiator.

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you can get low profile memory if clearance is an issue, and those cables could use some work.

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I would definitely recommend the Logitech G600 mouse I've been using it since June 2013 and it's amazing. And also on your headset dilemma I got the wireless Afterglow Prismatic Headset about a month ago and the battery lasts forever on it, granted i don't use it for hours on end every day of the week but it does last about two weeks and you just charge it for a couple hours and it's back to full charge.

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