This build is a beast, I built it just so I could Play star citizen the most demanding game out there and my system hits just above 60fps. this system is awesome for gaming and listening to music or streaming what your playing and the thermals are awesome they dont hit anywhere above 65'c 70'c for star citizen

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  • 3 days ago
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Star Citizen isn't actually that demanding. It's just heavily cpu/ssd bound so if you have decent ping and an ssd (and this uses an nvme ssd which can bypass sata limitations) you'll get decent frames even on old hardware.

A 750 ti can run Star Citizen at 1080p with 40fps with an NVMe drive. A 2080 Ti doesn't increase performance that much even in Star Citizen at the moment. Morphologis did a benchmark with a 2080 Ti and an X series processor from Intel and got around 40 fps.

This system is fine for Star Citizen and most triple a games at 1080p but you may consider upgrading to a 3700x or 3900x to benefit from the additional CPU cores which will help in Star Citizen. MMOs tend to require better CPUs than GPUs.