I made this computer a while ago and I though what helped me get this gaming power and then it hit me this web site

I made this PC for gaming and it does a great job at it I wish hat I could had brought this a little cheaper

I really don't know that much about computers like the specs but I did find away so...

Mostly picked up the most recommended parts

But like everything I do there are some errors like at the beginning the sound was messed up then when I fixed that I unplugged the GPU and the PC won't turn on then I had a mini panic attack it was a mess but at the end it all worked out :)

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  • 48 months ago
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black-red-black-red-black-red...and brown...nice MSI build!+1

  • 47 months ago
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I'd recommend an AIO Cooler so you could get the maximum performance out of the X99 chipset, but other then that it looks like a pretty nice build.

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