Going from an I7-7700 prebuild to finally building my own Ryzen3700x rig... Had to jump on the Amd train as they're absolutely killing it!

Looking to upgrade with an M.2 drive just purely for faster boot times, but this old Samsung 850 iv had no complaints with. The case was great to build in, with very good cable management options within.

The Mobo with the Ram I'm using is being rather janky atm in respect to enabling XMP settings so I can get the most out of my 3200mhz advertised speed. (Boot loop when enabling and what not) Any advice would be appreciated on actually obtaining the advertised speeds! (unless its me being an absolute moron at any point..)

(Edit... I have managed to fix this problem. All within BIOS 1. Enabled XMP 2. Setting DRAM voltage to 1.35v 3. Setting RAM multiplier to 32x 4. Setting first 5 sub timings manually to 16-18-18-18-36 5. Setting 6th timing -tRC-to 56 instead of 54 ....

The Gpu is a dream. Plug and play as expected by NVidia hence the decision to gravitate toward them over the Rx5700xt which has been having problems recently with "out the box" experiences.

Running heaven benchmark, I'm able to hit 120Fps avg on ultra settings rather comfortably on a 1080p 60hz AOC monitor (looking to upgrade the monitor at some point in near future to get the most out of the build)

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  • 2 months ago
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Can you confirm if the motherboard had a USB-C internal header?

  • 2 months ago
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Apologies for late reply

Yes it does,

Check the photo with the mobo placed on the packaging , you can see the header above the chipset shroud labelled “F_USB31c

  • 2 months ago
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Thank you my man!