Main use: Workstation for audio. Other uses: 2d graphics, gaming, general use.

The best part of this build is how cold it runs; The Silverstone RV03 really does have excellent airflow.

Three and a half years old it still holds up, except maybe the video card for newer games.

Original monitor setup was dual HP 2035's, like the picture shows. Keyboard and mouse has been upgraded along the way as well. The part list is what I'm currently using.

Part Reviews


This processor is almost 4 years old and it still holds up against brand new models.

CPU Cooler

My CPU is 40°C maxed out. Nuff said.


I've used this as my main OS drive for three and a half years. Still as good as new, 100% stable and problem free. Read speeds are pretty much equal to brand new models, and write speeds are still miles ahead of any HDD.


One of the best cases ever made. Bottom to top airflow is the way to go, I don't get why everyone doesn't do this. Superb airflow and way spacious. Since the whole layout is at a 90° angle compared to "normal" cases the IO is on top instead of in the back. That makes it lot more accessible, but the easily removable top cover still keeps it out of your sight. Fan controllers are very easily accessible too. It is not completely silent, but at low fan speed it's not particularly noisy. I was initially worried about the lack of a dust filter on the top, but this has proved to be no problem. That's probably because the airflow goes upwards and the bottom intake fans do come with dust filters.

Optical Drive

It's a DVD writer. It works. What more do you want?


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come on bro, you gotta upgrade.

you deserve it.

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theres no way you can beat a GTX 950 with two 560 TIs

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You need a new computer! Those old components are bugging me....



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You had me at Gyarados!

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2700K still kicks azz - my brother still uses his 2600K for Architectural 3D rendering!

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but... ryzen 5 has 2 more cores than i7 and is 100$ cheaper..

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