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HTPC + living room gaming

by edman545


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I purchased the case, hard drive, and power supply for this build, but the rest were leftovers from previous builds, so the cost was pretty minimal. I wanted the larger full ATX HTPC case for flexibility. The stock CPU cooler is a bit louder than I would like; maybe I will replace it at some point if it gets too annoying. You can't really hear it when watching tv though. I replaced the rear stock 60mm silverstone fans with SilentX fans, and that helped a lot.

This the main media consumption device in the household of 5. It's used mainly for windows media center. I have a HDHomerun Prime steaming Comcast digital cable live to the pc, which is basically a TiVo. There are more than a few recorded episodes of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse stored on the drive. We use the Netflix plugin on WMC also, and it is setup to stream our DVD library that is stored on a server in the basement.

The case has a nice VFD display on the front that changes dynamically depending on what the PC is doing. Default mode displays pc statistics like RAM usage and network speed. When media is playing, it changes to a graphic equalizer. It could read your email too, but that seems kinda silly. It also came with a remote that handles anything media related, including netflix.

The Geforce 240 isn't exactly a gaming powerhouse, but it works well enough at a reasonable noise level. It's mostly playing indie titles on steam in big picture mode with an x-box controller. I do occasionally use it for Guild Wars 2 when the wife brings her laptop into the living room, and it's very playable on medium settings. 3dmark06 score is around 9500

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LiquidArrogance 3 Builds 1 point 54 months ago

Very cool, and very good use of old hardware. Matching the silver on your receiver with the silverstone case was also a nice touch.

Nice project. Upvoted.

on_droid 1 Build 1 point 54 months ago

I was thinking about doing the same thing with my old pre-built Dell that is just sitting there collecting dust. It's a great way to recycle old hardware.