With the PC platform exploding over the last few years, I finally shelled out the cash for my own. I had the intention of playing games like titanfall in the near future on at least "next-gen" settings. Built strictly for gaming. Paid about $735 for the rig (OS included), and about $225 for peripherals (monitor, keyboard and mouse). Only mistake I made that I know of was my Motherboard doesn't have USB 3.0 headers, just ports on the back. So I can't use the USB 3.0 port on my case. I'm interested to know what I did right or wrong with this build. If there's anything I should know. How long will it last before I might need an upgrade, and parts I might want to invest in in the future. Any feedback is appreciated.


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Congrats on your first build!

To say what is right and wrong is subjective as there are (in my opinion) very few absolutes. Your case offers marginal cable management so I would have opted for a semi modular PSU such as the CX430M. Even with that you can flip the PSU and mount it that way so it would pull in cool air to the PSU from the bottom of the case. These two things would really help towards cable management with only a $15 to $20 increase to your build cost.

You pointed out the lack of USB 3.0 support from your motherboard and if this is important then I would suggest a mobo that had the 970 chipset or above. I personally like ASUS boards so to me that was great but I would not turn my back on other manufacturers. This change would cost some too maybe $25 and up.

I'm glad you bought the 2GB version of the 7770 but I wonder how well it will play some games (I'm not a gamer). Perhaps you can comment on how well it works for you.

I like your PSU choice. Very solid. You did not say whether or not you intend to overclock but if you do a different CPU cooler is in order.

I would prefer 2 4GB memory modules as opposed to the 1 8gb stick.

I also like that you went with a SSD and HDD combo.

These are just some thoughts.