I wanted a small and compact desk top PC, capable of photo editing including some video editing.

It needed to also run quietly and remain so under load, I have no plans to OC.

I also wanted to free up desk top clutter ie external HDDs, so I added a rack, and removed my external HDDs from there cases, these are now hot swappable.

About the case, I opted for the USB 3 version (not the USB2 version as listed)

At idle or just photo editing the CPU fan does not run at all, the case and CPU temps hover at around 25C, under load the case and CPU remains at around 25C but the CPU fan kicks in, this runs at about half the speed of the stock cooler and it is also a lot quieter, I put a lot of this down to the superb design of the case where as the CPU and cooler sit at the very bottom of the case with all the fans working together in line.

Fans, one 180mm at the front set to half speed, one 120mm fan at the rear for exhaust.

Drive cage, this I removed and Still had enough room for two HDD`s and one SSD, I mounted the SSD using 3M picture hanging strips, there very handy google them.

The sound card was an after thought, although this does make a big difference compared to the motherboards own sound chip and makes quite a big difference for video editing or running media center.

Cabling I`m sure many of you can do a lot better, I just kept it neat and simple.

Im currently in the process of decorating so Ive had to pile all the stuff onto a sideboard for now, but you can see just how compact the case is alongside an old 23" monitor, last picture.

Problems, none at all, maybe just the one, the front filter is a little fiddly to remove and if this is not kept clean the case and CPU temps tend to rise by a few C.

Note for temps under load, there very low but this is not a gaming machine, I have just ran the valley bench mark out of interest, the temps raised and hovered around 40C and at the end they dropped back to around 25C within a minute or so.

In the end I opted to load Windows 7 professional OEM.


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cabling doesnt look that bad, nice and cheap build

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Cheers thanks.

My build in total, including the sound card and operating system cost quite a bit less than the current price, it was something like £540 all in.

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At what speed is your RAM running?

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