Hello fellow PC part pickers,

Trying my first itx build and a build without too much "in your face" RGB.

All are brand new except for the GPU.

Funny enough when I picking up part using this site PCPartPicker said the CPU cooler won't fit.

Little backstory:

Currently I am working in a project that require me to attach to another company. Therefore I think it would be great if I could have an ITX system to carry during the attachment period. That is why I started this build. I was inspired by a build by TechSource, a PC YouTube channel and he showcased the beauty of NZXT Manta case and Dark Rock Pro 3 (Link below). Then I went to this site and trying to see whether the part fit or not, obviously DRP is a big cooler and it say it won't compatible. Even NZXT official website said it won't fit in the Manta. But, in TechSource's video, he uses DRP3 which is slightly taller than DRP4 which I am using. Also, I'm so frustrated because I couldn't find completed builds of NZXT Manta with big coolers. That's when I decided to go full YOLO and trust the dimensions given by Be Quiet website on DRP4. And thank god it fits, just a bit hard to install because of restricted case. But it fits and I think this build is worth every penny because this is my first ITX build and this is the first build that I do using my own salary (before this I collected money from my allowance sponsorship for my degree). I am really happy with the clean look :)


  1. I really wished I went with AIO cooling. Mounting DRP4 in this tight space is really challenging.
  2. First time using Zotac GPU, idk but I really hated the decision. It is around 45C at idle and the 2 fans doesn't seem to help much in this setup. 83-84c on full load clocked at 2.0Ghz. I came from Strix OC 1070 which is 34-37C on idle and overclocked 2.1Ghz at 64-67C in the same case. Really regret that decision.
  3. The stock fans doesn't help much to cool the system. I'm currently waiting for my Noctua NF-A14x2 for my front intake. Maybe I could also add one fan above the case for exhaust.

TechSource YouTube build inspiration :

TechSource PCPartPicker list :

Thanks Ed for the inspiration!


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  • 4 months ago
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First time I've seen that case, it has kind of a retro CRT thing going on. RGB is certainly not necessary, but if you're going to have a window, some indirect soft white LEDs would help show more than the brand names.

As handy as PCPartPicker's compatibility filter is, you can't rely on any such tool by itself to reach your best conclusion. I wish we had a more immediate way to update PCPP's database with user reports.

  • 4 months ago
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Thanks for your feedback 😁👍