After getting totally screwed by building a 7700k rig in 2017 I decided to make the right choice this time and support AMD. This build is used for gaming, streaming and Android ROM development. This is my 2nd time ever building a PC alone and this time my main focus was improving my cable management. I'm not huge into the RGB and would rather just have a functional build soI didn't pick any of these parts for the lights. I actually kind of like the ugly fans too because I know they're the best money can buy!

For those who want to see a picture of my first ever build you can see it here -

I think my cable management skills have come a long way, interested to see the feedback!


Part Reviews


A complete beast of a chip for an amazing price. Just amazing..

CPU Cooler

Easiest installation ever, keeps my 3700x @ stock speeds under 70c under full load.


Zero issues with bios version 18 & my 3700x, Posts everytime and handles my memory OC perfectly, VRM is legit and it has Intel LAN. Amazing board....


B-Die RAM, overclocked to 3600 with 16-16-16-34 timings no problems, Infinity Fabric @ 1800 mhz for 1:1. Perfect!

Video Card

Bought this in March, has given me zero issues and this will be the 2nd build this card has been in. I'm happy with this purchase.


This case is just a joy to work with. Only flaw i found is no USB type c in on the front but its not enough to knock a star off the review. Seriously, Fractal design knocked this one out of the park. Amazing...

Power Supply

I actually own the g2 850w supernova but its not listed on this site so ill give the next gen a 5 star. 4 years and still running strong, this will be the 3rd build I've used this unit in and probably won't be the last...

Case Fan

It's Noctua, instant 5 stars. I actually like the ugly colours.

Case Fan

It's Noctua, instant 5 stars. I actually like the ugly colours.


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Nice build!

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Looks fantastic, dood! Would your storage be OK for gaming in terms of capacity?