After 10 years without any upgrade, i decide to climb a new mountain in technology. My last graphic card was a Saphire AGP with 1Gb who gave me the pleasure of sleepless nights.

I left the pc games a few years ago after the purchase of PS2 and PS3 and all that stuff... Now i decide to back again to reborn what i left behind under ashes and dust, starting from the beginning.

AMD FX 6300 was my first part, after the case Nox Coolbay VX. I almost regret to buy that case but, after work done, i was impressive with the result. With 8 fans i can easily spend 2 hours playing BF3 with temperatures inside the case under impressive 30ªC.

Power supply from NOX, a bronze 650W edition, makes the job well done.

Without any OC yet, i have an impressive performance to a middle budget machine. It's useless to spend more some bucks to get the final pixel and a bigger FPS in some games. it's possible to play without any problem an old battlefield 3 in ULTRA settings.

Meanwhile under the ASUS M5a97 Evo R2 Ai Suite II i could oc to 4093Mhz. Making some little improvements like rubber screws, even the noise is really imperceptible. I know the 8 fans are there, but i play with headphones :-)

I recommend D-Link powerline or any powerline through the electrical connection on your apartment or house. Set up is so simple as all you have to do is attach one adapter to your Internet router using the supplied Ethernet cable and plug it into a nearby power socket. You then take the second adapter and plug this into a power socket in another room. You can connect this second adapter via Ethernet to your Ethernet Lan connector on your motherboard.

The most of the parts prices are similar between USA and Europe.

Nice machine, feel proud of it!


I installed more 2x4 8gb RAM for a budget promotion price of 25€

9 FANS + 2GPU I use now a few FANS from Corsair Quiet Edition. they made the difference! The temperatures are incredible good, CPU and MB as well.

I decided to use a push air system on the back of the machine into the radiator, it means, using the fresh air from outside to the radiator (somethink like this).

After 2 hours playing BF4, The Witcher and using also the bechmark OCCT System Stability Testing the maximum temp with max load on CPU was 49ºC.

Also increased just a few rpm's the fans speed of GPU and, the performance is simply amazing. Overclocked at 4.7Ghz easily.

No doubt, one of the most happy changes i've made last months and it worth!

UPDATED August 2017

Sold my last beauty GPU and changed it for a beast ASUS ROG Strix Radeon RX 580 O8G Gaming OC Edition.

Speechless with all performance of this RIG.

UPDATED December 2019 A completely New Look. Waiting for some Shakmods cables to finnish this project.. The same Motherboard, GPU, PSU and memory All running so well

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