This little guy started as my first build "Corso", which has since been migrated into a smaller case, and is in its current (but not final?) form, the "Corso S".

Most of the parts were purchased the summer of 2017, with the Mini ITX mobo and case being bought around thanksgiving that same year, which was also the time I bought/built my current main rig, "Redline".

The end goal with this build was something usable for daily tasks, and to be compatible with the parts in my other computer, so when the time comes to upgrade that one, I can easily swap out the G4560 for the 7700K, etc.

The cable management looks like spaghetti, but there is a pretty clear path behind the fan. I'm sure it could be improved.

One thing I might change would be rotating the CPU heatsink 90 degrees. Worth the risk of me breaking something while taking everything apart? Maybe..

Overall, I would've probably saved some money and had a much more portable and compact PC if I had just bought something like a NUC, but where's the fun in that?

So that's pretty much it. I opened it up the other day, to swap out some RAM, and finally took a few pics to share. Right now I currently use it as a light video editing/music recording workstation, and I love it, even with its drawbacks.

Part Reviews

CPU Cooler

Compact, quiet, keeps its cool


Great little mobo. Got a good deal on this during Black Friday. Not a huge fan of the style of wifi antenna that comes with this, but could be easily replaced. I had this for at least a year before discovering "Fan Tuning" in BIOS, and it seriously made a HUGE difference. Highly recommend.


No issues. No frills. Good RAM


Basic SSD. No problems


Was around the same price as other 1TB HDD, but had a red label that matched my other parts.

Video Card

Works great for a budget GFX card. Got it for under $150, which seems about right. Will do Very High settings @ 1080p


Has enough room for all your ATX parts, but in a compact size. Still bulky tho, a little bigger than a shoebox. Not a ton of airflow so get some good water cooling or plan for some highish temps.

Power Supply

Was cheap. Brand has a good rep. Label looks cool. Mine has a squeaky fan sometimes.

Case Fan

Borrowed this from an unused H7, but then bought another one when I decided to use the H7 again. Quiet, looks nice and matches my CPU fan.


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Those cases can be a real pain for cable management, be glad you had a semi modular PSU. I had built in the cooler master elite 130 ITX case before which is much like your case but also supports a full size optical drive and I abused that top support bar as a place to tie cables to in order to keep them out of the way. That and my giant hands didn't help much either lol.

That Pentium G4560 was all the craze in 2017 for being the "poor mans" i3. From what you described your usage of it does seem like it is still a good fit. If you do plan on upgrading the CPU later on also double check costs of a new ITX board and budget 6 core CPU at the time and compare it to the used cost of the i7-7700 (or k version) to see if buying the 7700 would even be worth it.

Overall I would say nice build for 2017 hardware.