This is my first PC that ive built. i built it about 2 months ago but just upgraded a little. I just put in the EVGA CLC cooler and the GTX 1080. When i bought all the parts not including the thins i upgraded too the price was $915 and i got the new cooler and GPU for 600$ so im about $1500 into this build.

Part Reviews


Its great hasn't gave me any problems and i can overclock it alot.

CPU Cooler

Just installed it from the stock cooler. Its works great and looks good as well only thing is the fans do get really loud on full load but i keep them about half way and its a good noise to power. my case though doesn't have have the best air intakes anywhere so even with the new CLC i think it could be even better with a different case.


Great board looks good nothing crazy about it.


Ram looks cool and matches with my build. I got it for $183 when i first built the PC.

Video Card

I built the PC with a EVGA 1060 3bg and just upgraded to this. Its powerful runs all games smooth and hasn't giving me any problems. only downs is it doesn't have any LEDS which id like at least the logo to light up.


If i could go back id probably get a different case. The main cons of the case was Air flow and cable management. The case has very little vents for air to come into the case. it comes with three fans on the front but even then the front glass and cover chokes off the system. It got to the point where i took the front glass off and put a screen there to increase air flow it dropped my CPU temp almost 10c. The cable management isn't the best everything is very crammed and tight in the back and some cables in the front of the motherboard just cant be hidden because of the case. It does look nice with the tempered glass but if it had a better front cover with mesh or something to create more air flow it would be awesome.

Power Supply

Runs all my components just fine and i got it on sale.


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What speed is your RAM running at?

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its running at 3200

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That ram is 100 dollars now lol

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