Alternatively titled: Yet Another Red/Black Build! The title however is actually from a story character of mine who carries a similar color scheme.

Coming back to being serious, I had two main drives behind wanting to build this computer. The first one being the usual desire to replace another computer. In my case that was my old Dell Studio laptop that's aging but still decent enough for some work. The other being my late father got me interested in building/using/playing on computers as a child. It started when he would let me browse the internet for shockwave games as well as play Doom. It really took off when he took me to visit a small computer repair/parts shop (that no longer exists) in a small town that mostly dealt in Macintosh parts. He told me that we'd build one for me to use when I got to visit him. Unfortunately that didn't quite happen but young me didn't seem to mind and even forgot. Back to consoles I went for many, many years to end at near the end of the PS3's support.

Today though, by myself, I've had finally gotten to my goal. Well actually a few days ago but I was a bit too excited to remember to come back here to update my parts lists and prices, as well as to list it as "complete". I know I have a graphics card listed and not included in my computer yet but I'm waiting about a month so I can put one in after bills. Until then though the i5-4690K is pretty amazing at playing some of the games that ran okay on medium to low on my laptop. I don't have exact FPS counts but I've been okay playing games gifted to me like Borderlands 2 at a very smooth frame rate on medium to high with 2X anti-aliasing on.

One thing I'm sure I'm going to be asked about is overclocking the CPU. No, I have not done it yet. It's because I'm getting comfortable with doing so. I am still a first time builder but I promise to make the effort into over clocking.

Case: In late 2013/early 2014 before I had my job, I started to look over parts I wanted after watching a plethora of Youtube videos from channels like Newegg, LinusTechTips, Tek Syndicate, and my favorite JayzTwoCents. I never quite found a case I loved until I saw the H440 in White. Fast forward some time I saw Micro Center had the best deal for the H440 cases in the area. This case is the only thing that pretty much drove me to a Red and Black build. That and the character (see title and alt. title) didn't get as much love as I would have liked.

Cooler: Plain and simple really. Will be good for some overclocking soon and great for it's price.

Motherboard: Until I convinced myself that I wanted to OC, I wasn't sure what board I wanted. The folks at Micro Center helped me out a good deal and found me this nice board. So far during the build I've only had one trouble with it, being that on installing the OS, the OS could not find the SSD or hard drive. Unplugging them and plugging them back in seemed to work and still working great.

Memory: Simple as it was a good suggestion for it's capacity and speed. Running at 1600MHz after going into the UEFI. Loved the red heat spreader and how reliable the kit seems to be. 8GB for now for some gaming as well as small server hosting for friends and I.

SSD: Mainly my drive for the OS, it also has a few programs installed on it. No issues so far other than that of the one mentioned back with the mother board. Picked it up since it was a decent price at the store.

HDD: For just about everything else I won't put on my SSD. My steam library would fill that thing up in seconds. I've also moved the Windows libraries over to the HDD, being the downloads and music.

Video Card: For the time being I settled on a GTX 770. It was on sale for only $250 and doing better than I hoped it would. I still plan on upgrading to a 970 and maybe even two 970's in SLI.

Case: I love this case to death. It's beautiful and very quiet. For what I want to add it'll be perfect. I can fit in about two graphics cards with my wireless card, as well as a capture card I plan to add later. Other than that, I may go the route to add some lighting in it later once I can decide on a lighting type.

PSU: Originally I was going to buy a SeaSonic 550 watt power supply but this power supply was about $10 cheaper, still 80+ Bronze, and would support my graphics card(s) (will get a second one later). Being semi-Modular was a nice bonus as well. I've still got the rebate to go on it.

OS: I'm most comfortable with Windows, not much more I can say. I was using Win7 beforehand on my laptop while hating the idea of Windows 8 because it was the popular thing to do. That and I wasn't fond of it when I'd help family with their laptops running 8. I have gotten very comfortable with Windows 8.1 (64-Bit). It along side the SSD make for a very smooth and speedy experience.

Wireless Adapter: Why not use an ethernet cable, you may ask? The room where we have our modem and router set up from our ISP gets very warm during the later half of Spring to the early half of Fall. It was also the room my brother used to stay in. Now the room is going to be a baby's room because of a housing situation another family member's friends are in. It's not a bad adapter either. Things with it have been smooth as can be as well.

Monitor: It's not 4K or even 1440p but I don't need either of those. This monitor is huge and astounding for 1080p, as well it was a great choice so I could switch between my PC and PS3. Only downside is I'm not fond of the buttons. I've messed around and messed up once or twice, making me wish they were push buttons and not touch. As for the other old 17 inch monitor, it's being re-purposed as a secondary monitor for things like Skype at the time being.

I think that's about it. The monitor, keyboard and mouse will also be replaced. I've not included them to this build since they were not necessary to run the PC. The monitor/keyboard is from an older Dell machine from...when was Vista released? The mouse is a Logitech wireless mouse from my laptop but is doing well for the time being until it gets replaced with something like the M65 RGB or Proteus Core. The keyboard was replaced so far, with the Corsair K65 RGB. Love it. And a note on the temps listed, those are the values I've seen thus far using HWmonitor.

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  • 59 months ago
  • 1 point

Good looking build. I got an H440 myself, love that case.

  • 59 months ago
  • 1 point

Looking good so far! Make sure to invest in a new monitor as well, no sense in getting a 970 if your gaming on a lower resolution.

  • 59 months ago
  • 2 points

Definitely planning a better monitor as soon as I can. This old one is nice, but it has some odd distortion up top only visible colors. I'll be looking for at least a nice 23 inch monitor.

  • 59 months ago
  • 1 point

Very good work for a first build and you should be proud of it, the cable managment is amazingly well for a first time, something that the h440 does good cauese you can route the cables so easy with n skill at all. and you did a heck of a job with the color codes. for a first build: 10 out of 10! hope it brings you loads of hapyness! :-D

  • 59 months ago
  • 1 point

Roxanne is already step ahead of the curve. You could've called her Lady Beast and we'd all have mocked you for it :P

And I also remember the days of using 17" monitors, good times.

  • 59 months ago
  • 1 point

If this is a police reference +10000 if not still an amazing build!