I use this Pc for gaming, editing youtube vids, watching youtube and everything else you do with a PC.

Part Reviews


A very good processor. But wish I had spend that little more for the 4790K variant. I would love to tinker with overclocking now i'm more into PC technology.

CPU Cooler

Very good AIO cooler. My cpu could be cooler I think but maybe I didnt apply enough cooling paste.


Very nice motherboard with lots of features. Most of the Msi software is good but some programs are a bit weird and/or buggy.


Very fast drive with lots of storage. I have Windows 7SP1, some programs and my most played games on it and still storage left.

Operating System

Very good operating system.

Wireless Network Adapter

This is a nice budget wifi card for your pc. I'm using it to transmit wifi for my phone.


  • 49 months ago
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Wow for 100 bucks you couldve gotten a g2 750 watt supply which is way better than a CX. You might want to change your PSU

  • 48 months ago
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I've got that PSU second handed for 50 Euro's while new it would have cost me around 100 Euro's. But yeah i am going to upgrade because on the long run i want to build this pc into a dual gpu custom watercooled.

  • 48 months ago
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And that psu is from the time I had just a gtx 650TI in this build.