Total Estimated Cost: $1200 I built this as a gaming and workhorse machine. You'll notice it has an i7-4770k chip, but no aftermarket HSF. This is just cause I was able to get it for cheaper than I could get the non-k version.

A lot of research went into this device.

Case: The case was on sale really cheap and came with 4 fans, which seemed like a great deal I couldn't pass up. Despite claims on Amazon that the front USB ports were garbage, I tested them and they seem to work just fine. I was only able to use 6 mounting screws instead of 8 for the micro ATX mother board however.

I haven't finished building, because I'm still waiting on the SSD, but so far it boots to bios with no issue.

CPU: Clocks in at 3.5 MHz in the bios screen, as expected.

Everything was compatible, no major issues so far. Once I get the SSD I'll install windows and run some benchmarks.


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You're probably gonna need a custom CPU cooler if your computer is 50° when it's idle.

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More pics?

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How is that motherboard?

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Why diss windows 8?

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I know some people like it, but it's just not right for me