Just completed this build, it is my very first one, and I have to say it was an awesome experience. I play mostly WoW, but am looking into BF4 to play with some friends.

For the build I did as much research as I could, mind you before this I was completely oblivious to PC's. I've been playing WoW on a MacBook Pro, and thought it was time to upgrade to something better, not to mention I've been playing on low settings forever, so I wanted to see what the game actually looked like. So, after a few hours of reading message boards and blogs and websites, watching a few hours of video on youtube, I decided to take the leap, and this is what I came up with.

I found a bundle for $533) (with tax and delivery, and after rebates) that included the CPU, Case, Motherboard, RAM, HDD. I picked up the SSD and Optical drive for $92 (with tax and delivery) I bought the Video Card for $240 (after rebate) The monitor I found for $249 Lastly Windows 8.1 and the USB LAN adapter I got for $160 (these I just bought off the shelf , I was ready to finish my build and did not want to wait anymore.

Total price of build was $1274 (with monitor).

As far as gaming, it is a completely new experience... I'm happy with the results :)

Part Reviews

Power Supply

This PSU lasted 11 months, oddly enough one of the people that commented on my build when I first posted said to be cautious of it... the Motherboard also went out with it. Replaced with a Corsair CX750.


  • 70 months ago
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Good, balanced looking build. +1

Keep an eye on that Ultra power suuply, I haven't heard good things about reliability under load. Also, why did you leave your cables all bunched up instead of behind the motherboard tray or behind your 5.25" bays? Looks like there's a bunch of room there...

  • 70 months ago
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Thanks for the feedback, and will do! As far as the wiring I put them all to the side and zip tied them as flat as I could get them because I thought I wasn't supposed to obstruct airflow, and I thought if I tucked them into the bays it would do so... Didn't tucked them behind the motherboard tray cause there didn't seem to be enough room and the wires for the power supply were too fat. Should I relocate the wires to the 5.25" bay? Thanks again!

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You could put them into the actual bay, but I was looking at your 8th picture, and it looks like you could put them behind the 5.25" bay on the back side (where that yellow fan cable is crossing)...looks like there would be a good 3/4" there and a bunch of holes for zip ties. Just a thought.