Basically just a gaming PC and going to overclock it slightly to get 2000mhz from the 1080. I will be editing videos for youtube which the 6 cores will make a big difference.

Part Reviews

Video Card

Very good card, the overclocking software Firestorm is very simple and offers the usual range of options. You can also choose LED colours and if it flashes, is static or breathe lighting. I mostly run the card at 2k mhz (gpu clock) with ease averaging about 45-50 degrees C. It obviously can handle every game I thrown at which won't change anytime soon.


Sturdy case but it is absolutely huge, still needed to remove a bracket inside to install the lengthy 1080 as it is one of the longest you can buy. Really like the LED strip down the right hand side. Roomy for upgrades and the case is supplied with multiple fans.


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where are all the pictures?

  • 38 months ago
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Hi i know there is a dedicated CPU pump header on this motherboard. So I'm guessing that's where you plug your H100i in. But my question is about the watercooling fans , since they both plug in directly into the pump are they still gonna work properly? Or can't i plug them to a CPU_FAN header?

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I don't know because I had help with the build

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He has only bought the video card to date!!!

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no I have it just forgot to update