CPU temps: Intel Burn Test

GPU temps: Unigine Valley

Temps measured in CPUID HWmonitor

I built this on an $1800 budget but was able to get it much lower thanks to black Friday sales. I use it for gaming and just general use. Sorry for the bad pictures because I don't have a very good camera and I'm not a very good photographer in the first place.

CPU: I went with an i5 for obvious reasons and and the 4690k because... why not? Yes I will be overclocking. The Cooler master hyper EVO 212 because it is a great cooler for a low price.

Motherboard: Asus makes great products and I couldn't fit a ROG motherboard into the budget. Its a great motherboard but the BIOS are a bit difficult to operate or maybe that's just me.

RAM: reviews say these are one of the best sets of RAM and 1866MHz for maximum noticeable performance.

Storage: Samsung 840 EVO because its really fast and the WD Blue because it was cheaper than the Seagate Barracuda at the time.

Video Card: I originally had a gtx 780 in this but when this came out and I saw the benchmarks I decided to buy this instead. I bought the windforce because of its massive cooling ability. I love this card even though you can't use .5GB of its VRAM. I get, easily, 80+ FPS in Bf4 on ultra at 130% scaling.

Case: I like this case because of its low price tag and many features with great aesthetics. Everything fit fine in it thought the CPU cooler does rub against the side panel fan. Around the back it is pretty tight to do perfect cable management but its okay. Its got more room than stated in the specs for a graphics card and could of easily fit my gigantic gtx 970 without removing a section of hard drive cages.

PSU: I saw the review for this by johnnyGURU and saw the price and decided it was good. The cables are a bit stiff but the rest is absolutely perfect. Fully Modular is a plus too.

Optical: . . . I don't know if this is the same for all of these kind of drive but this one is extremely loud when in use.

OS: I was a strong 7 user and did not like 8 at all when it came out and I still don't like many things about it but 8.1 has grown on me. I hate the start menu and I will never like it but I rarely use it for anything. I do love the fast boot times though (around 10 seconds). I'm waiting and hoping windows 10 will be better but for now this is good.

Monitor: These are very good monitors for the money. I haven't had any problems yet with them unlike what the reviews said would happen. The IPS colors are amazing and they can't even compare with the 19" dell monitor that I had previously. Why 2 of them? I plan on adding another in a while with another gtx 970 when they are cheaper and playing on a 5670x1080 setup. Until them I'm just using the other for multitasking or skype while playing games.

Peripherals: I bought the k95 because of the blue LEDs with the black backplate and the Macro keys. If I didn't want these I would've gotten the k70. This is my first mechanical keyboard and I love it. It is much more enjoyable to type on than any other keyboard I used. I bought the m65 because I didn't want all the extra keys on the m95 and it is a great mouse alike with the keyboard counterpart. Finally, the headphones. They are my first pair of audiophile headphones and they blow any other headphones I've used out of the water. The sound stage is perfect for gaming and the sound is crystal clear. Listening to music is absolutely wonderful and I can't ever listen to the cars stereo or just a radio without thinking, "This is crap." The open backs on them aren't a big deal but if you listen to them in the car, its noise will completely drown out the mids in your song.


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That's a nice build you got there. Is that GPU clock the boost clock or the base clock?

P.S. Have you overclocked the CPU yet? What are your temps like?

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I'm pretty sure its the boost but i honestly don't know. I originally used evga PrecisionX but that gave me a different clock speed than GPUz so i resorted to Gigabyte OC Guru 2. For the CPU I used ASUS's easy overclock in the BIOS and it put it at 4.5GHz with a FSB overclock which messed it all up. The temps for the OC were still about 38 idle and ran max 75 during intel burn test and prime 95.

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I'd say that's pretty decent even if it's boost. For a 970 a 1.52 Ghz base clock would be quite spectacular. I've heard bad things about gigabyte oc guru, but I've also heard that unlocking all of a gigabyte card's potential is only possible via oc guru.

Yeah, that's why a lot of people don't like those auto OCs. Just do the multiplier and maybe the voltage till you get something like 4.4 or so and you should be good. If you change the base that can screw up all sorts of things like GPUs RAM etc. I think JayzTwoCents couldn't do 3-way SLI on his 780s because of his CPU OC.

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I don't really like the OC Guru too but its the only one that gets accurate clock speeds.

I just wanted to see if the easy overclock was any good. I would have done a manual one but i didn't have enough time to do all the lowest voltage and stability testing stuff.

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