I recently came across this older Raidmax Smilodon case and really liked the design style. The fit is incredibly tight, and cable management is practically non existent. I still enjoy this case given the older limitation. The fact that both sides open up is what really compelled me to try this case out. There were lots of complications with this case. The gpu wouldnt fit with the top drive bay full, SATA and power cables are crammed behind the other side. Only 3 fans 120mm front intake on 100%, the 120mm rear along with the 80mm i believe side exhaust which originally used as an intake. The Raidmax cross bar that held the gpu bracket and another 80mm fan would NOT fit with the EVGA 1070 black, and i doubt it would with any current gpus.

Overall i do like this case even though it is extremely impractical.

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