A lot of this used to be my main desktop computer in a full tower case. At first I used to dual boot with WinXP 64bit, but then I gradually just used the Gentoo Linux side. I enjoyed playing around with AMD processors, upgrading from Phenom II to FX-8150 to the FX-8350.

As a desktop, it used to have 4x4gb ram, a 2gb Radeon HD 6970, Corsair HX750 power supply, and two monitors.

On August 4th, 2013 I finished moving the parts you see below to a mid-tower case, because I desired to try out an intel-based Windows gaming/workstation build.


EDIT: August 6th -- managed cables a little so that they were away from mobo, and took pics. Booted up; temperatures showed about 28 or 29 celsius for hard drives and 10 celsius for the processor. XFCE is a really lightweight desktop environment =)

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Also, used Openbox + lxpanel or something. It's lighter ;D

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You would need more ram for a server wouldn't you?

  • 73 months ago
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Depends on the sort of server.