photo processing, coding and gaming. All purpose workhorse of a machine. Looks great and runs quiet and cool.

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what can you say about a chip with 8 cores, 16 threads and a clock that goes up to 5GHz without any tuning? 5 Stars.

CPU Cooler

Really impressed with this cooler. The radiator is a bit of a beast, so make sure your case can accommodate 360mms of cooling awesomeness. It's totally quiet and able to keep my i9 9900K running comfortably at 28-33°C.


Love this board. The Windows software is a little questionable, but the BIOS seems to be well implemented, though I have heard reports of error codes with firmware version F7. None of this is enough to take away a star in my opinion. Lots of options for brave overclockers.


My sample can only hit 3200Hz with a slight voltage bump. Anything else throws an error. I probably missed my window to return this but will likely replace with a Corsair or Mushkin option and put these in another machine. May be a compatibility issue with this motherboard, but have read others have the same problem. 4 stars for cost and a missing 400Hz.


haven't benchmarked, but feels fast. Fits well on my board and is practically invisible. Not sure about the sticker plastered over the surface.


fast and not too noisy. Good price / GB.

Video Card

I just received and added this to my build yesterday.

This card is a TIGHT fit. With the radiator and fan assembly in the front of my Fractal Design Meshify-C case, this has maybe 3-4mm of clearance when mounted in the card slot. The good news, is it snapped into place and there's clearance so no vibration.

This card is a beast. Max detail in CivVI's GPU benchmark averages around 120fps. Elite:Dangerous on max settings (2560x1600 for my monitor) pins the framerate. I do notice the fans "pulsing" occasionally under load and I need to add some sound dampening under my case to absorb the vibration. Mostly silent for desktop use.

Great card.


I, quite frankly, love this case. It's a good size as a mid-tower, lots of space inside for an ATX motherboard and full-sized graphics card and accommodates a 360mm radiator behind the unusual, warped grill. Controls are sparse with headphone and mic jacks and two USB3 connectors on top of the front bezel. Power and reset are it. Even the hard drive LED is behind the grill and barely visible.

The interior's behind a tempered, smoked glass panel allowing your light show to shine through. Lots of room for fans fore, top and aft.

Some of the cable channelling is a bit tight when fully populated, but that's about my only nit pick. There is no slot for an optical drive so if you want one of those, you'll have to go outboard. Great case!

Power Supply

Nice, quiet PSU. Modular design. Wrapped cables for CPU and Motherboard. 750 Gold Certified watts.

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