I built this as a replacement to my off-the-shelf DX 4300 Gateway computer. My intended use is: 1) browsing 2) multimedia 3) various creative tasks; Photoshop; webdesign, etc. 4) gaming.

I acquired the FX-8320 because it did well in benchmarks and it was cheap. It did well. GPU The R9 380 is marginally superior to the GTX 960 according to various benchmarks. I got it while it was onsale during boxing day. I went for the 4 GB to give me better prospects for the future.

Storage SSD is obvious, I wanted fast start up times for Windows and core programs. 1 TB is standard. I ended up salvaging a old 1 TB harddrive to bring effective storage up to 2 TB

Chassis I wanted a white case because it is less common than black. Plus, I'm trying to capture the aesthetic of a ICBM (the namesake), which is basically impossible with off-the-shelf solutions. I picked the MS/I snow edition because it was cheap and offered sufficient amount of bays for my hard drives.

PSU Often neglected. I wanted the cheapest PSU at around 600 watts that was semi-modular.

Results: runs well. Fallout 4, with some minor tweaks basically runs at near constant 60 FPS. GTA V runs ~50 average with ultra specs. I watched benchmarks with this CPU and GPU combo, so I knew what I was buying. My local performance is satisfactory.

Installation. It took like 6 hours to assemble because I took my time and double checked everything. I've only had two issues, first the bios screen would freeze every time I entered it, after I installed the OS. But that has since somehow resolved itself. The second, my front headphone jack does not work, I'm sure I probably just missed the the cables on the MOBO. Has not been a priority to fix at the moment.

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  • 47 months ago
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Looks good ! You did a fine build.. and then had to battle the bios ! lol Such is life... No cpu cooler in there? Best rc

  • 44 months ago
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Thanks! Everything has worked itself out. The bios works fine and I fixed my headphone problem.

As for the CPU cooler, it was in my original plan, but I cut it out for budgetary reasons. But now summer is upon me, I am reconsidering it, because the fans RPMs have been spiraling fairly high.

Sorry for the late reply.