Love this computer. I am running games and other programs on high with great performance! I know the USB 3.0 is not available for the front panel but I haven't needed them anyways.

1 Con: it is a bit loud but for me I have headphones so I don't notice. And the case doesn't allow for much fan customization.. but it looks and holds my parts great.


  • 70 months ago
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if it fits the cooler master hyper 212? you had problems to assemble the cooler?

nice pc! :D

  • 66 months ago
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Yes, it fits and it has plenty of space.

My recommendation , now 8 months in, is that if you are thinking about doing any kind of serious build to not use this case, no customization available, and it overheats way to fast. If its a simple build that you just want to look cool then that is what this case is for, not serious gaming.