First Build

Editing Workstation, light gaming

Had been editing on a laptop (Intel i7 ~4000 CPU, onboard graphics, DDR3 RAM) for a couple years, slow going, losing tens of minutes through each project dealing with the computer trying to catch up, then leaving the computer open and leaving for work during render times... It finally became worth it to upgrade - and I'd always wanted to build a computer...

Thus Tetris Lobster was born.

Really happy with the results and the prices I ended up getting things at - though my budget began at $1,000 I realized I'd get more bang for my buck with a Ryzen 3000 series... which helped to spiral everything else into higher budget territory.

$1,243 for the functional parts and $56 on aesthetics... ~$1,300 Which im happy with, with a few good deals thrown in like the CPU, GPU, and PSU... Plus, all the money I spent on the PC was extra - Christmas money plus picking up alot of extra shifts at work until it was all paid for, so it hasn't affected my life budget and practically fell out of the sky.

A few days in, so far so good. Haven't gotten into any editing yet but have been playing some games. Feels good to play on highest settings and never dip below 60fps. Never played anything on highest settings before.

Really enjoyable to unbox and work with each individual part, to know exactly what's inside and what it's all doing... Just an all around good experience, I'll never buy a pre-built computer again.



I unlocked the limits on the GPU with a bios flash, it was artificially limited at a 1850mhz core clock, and after unlocking I got up to 2100mhz, as well as boosting the memory clock to 1820 mhz - which made a substantial difference, taking my TimeSpy score from the high 8,000s to 9,572 (better then 86% of all results according to 3DMark). I had a lot of fun with the overclocking, learning it all.

CPU is much more complicated and I might do some more research into how to do it but as of now I just have it set to the Mobo OC profile 1, which tightens up the memory timings a bit... but I know I can get more out of it... and I'll do more later when I get to it...

All overclocks are stable too. I've run some stress tests. OC CPU got as hot as 74 degrees at full load and never got higher (even with stock cooler) and GPU runs stable and maxes in the mid 70s, though I do have a pretty aggressive fan curve.

Essentially I'm just excited that I can get extra performance after putting it all together. With a 9,572 in Timespy and a 5012 Cinebench score, I feel really good about the Tetris Lobster.

Another Update:

GPU can run games and bench-marking tests fine with the higher specs, the fan does get loud sometimes but I have no problem with that... the only problem is it can't run Youtube when it's set all the way up at 2100mhz. Youtube crashes... Idk what thats about but I dialed it back to 2,000mhz and I can just know I have more performance to get out of it if I ever want to or need to, as long as it's not Youtube :D

Part Reviews


Great CPU and you can usually find it for the same as the 3700x, which it's just a better binned 3700x anyway, I've heard... I love it, the stock cooler works fine, even with a small overclock (never gets above 74 degrees). Scored a 5012 in Cinebench and a 10,524 in 3DMark Time Spy CPU test.


It's TUF. Well made, Bios is straightforward, everything works... Like most people I was deciding between this and the Gigabyte Aorus Elite x570 and went with this cuz I like Asus. I'm happy with it.


Works. Can't wait to but another set to upgrade to 64 total GBs of RAM (even though I don't really need it, 32 is plenty). It's cheaper mid range RAM and it works.


1TB M.2 NVME storage for the lowest price you can get. What more can you add? There is more though, for more money you can get it faster, etc. but this (from what I've researched) is plenty fast because of how the cache works... and through my experience its quick... and it's a whole terabyte. Happy with it.

Video Card

I love this card.

I've been playing with it, overclocking. It has an artificial core clock limit of 1850mhz but you can actually get past that by flashing the bios. (The fans will get the job done if you need them to work too. At 100%, which you'll never need, but still, at 100% they practically slide the case across the floor.) Got my card up to 2100mhz plus a slight mem clock OC... got a 9,425 pure graphics score in 3DMark Time Spy... which combined with my CPU score got a total score "Better than 86% of all results." With the right fan curve, the fans stay low without being too loud and the card never gets above 75 degrees even with the OC. I highly recommend this card. You will not find anything better for $299.


After flashing to 2100mhz it can do anything without crashes -- except Youtube... So I set it to 2000mhz and it can handle Youtube again, I just know I've got more if I need it... Still the best card you can get for $299.


Good case and easy to work in. Worth $95? Not sure... but it looks really good. Comes with an RGB plug that only works with Phanteks lights, which I actually used but some people might not like.

Power Supply

Gold certified 700W PSU for $56? Yes. Not modular but I had plenty o' room in my case in the bottom where the PSU went for the extra cables, you can't even tell really.

Optical Drive

First one I ordered didn't work. Second one did though. Spins up loud like a screaming metal figurine, ruining the experience of my startup every time... but it works and I'm a CD drive guy and you people will never change me.

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  • 4 months ago
  • 1 point

Its a sweet looking build! I Love the tretris lamps in the computer. How are they powered?

aside from that this is certainly a big upgrade. if i were to guess you probably were running an i7-4500u or i7-4510u. they are fine for browsing but not for a serious work machine. Im sure you will notice a big difference in your work load

  • 4 months ago
  • 2 points

Yeah haha glad you like the Tetris pieces! They are just a standard outlet to the wall, I just run it out a hole in the case so you can't really tell.

  • 4 months ago
  • 2 points

Yea i get sick of looking at boring boxes so it was a cool change of pace