this build is done in Czech Republic and all parts are bought from local stores (prices here for electronics are usually a bit higher). Some used parts are not available on this site, so I will list them here.

The build is over two years old and I can already see how outdated it is. I am planning to slowly change all needed parts, with respect to my budget.

Also please, excuse my English :)

First update Finally got my RAM expanded. I went for the Crucial Ballistix Sport 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR3-1600 kit which is probably the best thing I could fit in my computer without completely changing the guts.

Why did I picked these? Because my motherboard doesn't support more than 1600mhz sticks and because it's compatible only with DDR3. Picking DDR4's would require a purchase of completely new motherboard and even new CPU, because the 1150 socket isn't compatible with DDR4 anyways.

Also my Gigabyte GTX760 died again. Same symptoms as two years ago. But because it's warranty has expired, I decided to do little experimenting. I stripped the card to the bares and baked it in the oven for 10 minutes at 200°C. I used the thermal paste that came together with my CPU cooler (Pactum PT-1). I did a standard blob at the center of the lid but it didn't worked that well because there's a tiny space on the cooler part and the thermal compound didn't spread that well in that area. So I spread the compound evenly over the chip lid with an old credit card. The temperature results are quite satisfying. Now I just have to hope the card survives to the summer when new generation of GPUs is said to come.

The story part:

I've been using old AMD x64 2.0GHz build for seven years. Then I decided it's a time for an upgrade. Because all parts were already obsolete and not compatible, I went straight for completely new rig. The old computer has been sold for 3000CZK ($125) to my friend - he wanted working, but cheap computer for his six years old son.

This, with part of my savings, was used as a budget for my new computer - 25,000 CZK = $1040. My father told me he has a friend, who does IT services for companies and has access to parts for a lower price than usual. Words were exchanged and next week I hopped in my car and brought the computer home.

Soon, the GPU - Gigabyte GTX 760 Rev. 2 made it's mind and gave up. It started by fans spinning up to 100% randomly on idle. Then drivers began to crash. No updates or rollbacks helped. Eventually card died completely, so I RMA'd it (kudos to the IT guy approach!). The card had some manufactoring defect and I got a new one as a replacement.

After year of using, I finally had enough of resonating side panels and metal snap sounds coming from the cheap Cooler Master Elite 342 and decided to ditch it. Also the temperatures in this case weren't ideal at all. Initially I picked this cheap case for the sake of better internals and to keep within the budget.

So I spent one evening searching the interwebs and picked this solid black Fractal Design R5 case. Why, you'd might ask. Because I just love it's monolithic look. No flashing lights, no aggressive design, just a simple, stoic, silent monument.

With the case I bought SilentiumPC Fera 2 HE1224 CPU cooler. It's a standard tower-heatpipe cooler made by Polish company. It offers great power/price ratio and comes with brackets for both Intel/AMD chipstets and with solid thermal paste which I used.

The two white-black Fractal Design fans that came with the case, were moved to the intake front while the rear exhaust is occupied by 140mm Noctua fan. I'm keeping this cooling solution for now but it will have to be extended with the new upgrades to keep the air flowing.

Generally I'm using the Genius SW-HF 5.1 6000 5.1 surround for everything - music, movies and gaming. It is already six years old but still works well. The Kingston HyperX Cloud II are for the 'silent' mode.

My future plans:

-RAM expand, to 16GB - done, check

-GPU upgrade - I was planning to get GTX 970 but the new generation of cards is coming, so I'm going to wait

-dedicated soundcard - probably Asus Xonar DX/XD

-overclocked i5 4670K?

-SSD perhaps?

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  • 48 months ago
  • 1 point

what will you use the external storage because it doesnt seem so important why dont you back up to the cloud?

  • 48 months ago
  • 1 point

For carrying my data around, of course.

And USB3 is way faster than cloud.