This was my first ITX build. Can run AAA games on high-ultra settings 120+ FPS. I got most of the parts from Black Friday sales at my local Microcenter, they price match everything.

I went with a fully modular PSU because building in Mini ITX cases can get VERY tedious. The option to choose what cables you need to power really helps a lot with the limited space in the NZXT H210. I also chose one of the smaller RTX 2070 Super cards. The MSI RTX 2070 Super Ventus is measured at 257mm. The GPUs with a length of 300mm or 11.2 inches will not fit with an AIO/Liquid Cooler mounted in the front of the case. (You can see with the pictures I've provided that it is a tight squeeze)

I think the largest GPU you can fit in this case with the Liquid Cooler in the front would be a max of 286.5mm, like the Gigabyte RTX 2070 Super GAMING

Anything over that, for example, the ASUS ROG STRIX RTX 2070 Super Super Gaming will definitely not fit.

Another little speedbump that I came across is that this case can get hot since it's on the smaller side. I opted for 2 case fans but ran into a small problem that was easily fixed with a fan splitter. The NZXT H210 comes with two case fans right out of the box so I wanted to maximize the airflow and use them. The Gigabyte Z390-I Aorus Pro comes with 3 fan headers located on the top of the motherboard. I plugged my Radiator Fan in CPU fan, the Radiator in SYSFAN1, and the cable splitter on SYSFAN2 to power two case fans.

A lot of ITX motherboards don't have fan header support if you're going to load your PC with fans. Most commonly there are 3 headers for ITX motherboards. If you are going to get a fan splitter to power more fans, make sure you check how many AMPS your header gives out, most headers provide 1 AMP of power, just look up the fans you are powering and add the amps together making sure it doesn't exceed the fan header amperage.

All in all it was an easy build minus the hiccups, great space saver. GPU doesn't go over 78 degrees. Have not tried overclocking yet.

PS added peripherals in case anyone was wondering what I was using, removed the prices to reflect PC build price. Thank you everyone and have an awesome day!!

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If you look closely you can see why he built this computer...

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