I use this rig for Gaming, and Music recording. It will be in my studio also will be able to run most if not all games on high or ultra. I will over clock the CPU once I purchase a decent CPU Cooler.

CPU:I chose it because it seemed like the best right now solution for a low budget. It runs well even though its a dual-core, also It overclocks Like a Demon.

Mobo: It was on sale at Tiger Direct in store on Black Friday. I loved the MSI Board Because it has good rated audio and the 3 VGA slots is awesome for SLI or crossfire.

Memory: fast reliable dual channel cool looking memory on sale thanksgiving week.

Storage: Found this at an office max that was moving out and everything was clearanced so I picked it up for 25 bucks and it works great even though its got terrible ratings.

GPU: Gosh I love this card everybody who reviewed it or had it Gave nothing but good comments about it plus I picked it up for tiger direct on sale for 130 it works AMAZINGLY!

Chassis: Gift, wouldn't have picked it myself but works I wish it was larger, the cable management was not able to be done.

PSU: Got it on sale with the Ram with a 30% off at newegg, Decent Ratings, Ready for Crossfire and SLI. Sleeved Cabling, Nice and Quiet!

WNA: Another Gift except an AMAZING ONE!

Problems: Cable Management was really hard with a nonmodular powersupply and a small case.

Updates: 1/7/16 Got an i7 4790k threw in another gpu the XFX r9 270x got for 30$ (parts list wouldn't let me choose another branded card) Got two ssds and another hard drive. Switched out the case for a phanteks enthoo pro. Finally got a mechanical keyboard, and decent mouse.


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How is gaming performance so far? Also what games do you play?

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I can Run BF4 at ultra w/o mxaa and mfaa at 60 FPS. Crysis on high with 2X mfaa and Msaa on high runs 48-50fps and witcher 2 runs constant 60 fps on ultra. Metro 2033 on high gets 52-54 fps with 2X MSAA, but on ultra it gets 25-32 fps.

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What music programs do you use and how does the pentium handle it?

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I use programs like Sibelius, Audacity for minor stuff, pro tools, Cubase, and Reaper and the Pentium overclocked handles it well. At 3.2 GHz it is ok but on the slow side.