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This build was born from an original intention to just upgrade the PSU so I can get the R9 295x2 crossfire to work consistently. My 900W Rocketfish was still effective but at 6+ years, using both GPUS in the card was no mas. Hasn't been since late 2016, but since I wasn't playing that many PC games that needed it to get what I wanted, I left it alone.

Enter Madden 19's PC return and while that game itself wouldn't need crossfire, there are other games coming up where I wanted and needed said 2 GPUS in 1 card to work. So the PSU in the build I bought at Best Buy in July 26. The EA card to load money for Madden 19 was bought August 2, and the thermal compound which was to originally just refresh the I7 2600k cooling was bought the next week.

I decided 2 weeks later to just go for a new build because I had enough Amazon gift balance from past gifts to buy a free motherboard. The H310M motherboard I got covered that balance While not super feature filled, It was good enough to work and as of writing this it does and more

Days later I ordered the 8 GB Corsair stick. I chose 8 because 1 that was Madden 19's minimum ram requirement and 2, I had reservations about a kit of 2 8 gb sticks fitting due to the size of the still great air cooler I had, It turns out I was right and rather than get another cooler I just got 1 stick which will eventually turn to 1 16 gb stick of the same brand when a game I really want calls for it.

Speaking of coolers, that cooler was going to an I5 8500. I was wanting to go for i5 8400 but Amazon didn't have it at the time. I also wasn't gonna go I7 until possibly the 9000s down the line in the same mobo I have. Thirdly said mobo I have cant OC so no K series so 8500 is the choice.

The other parts I already had as part of an I7 2600k build and moved up to said Coffeelake. My monitor is 1080p but I am thrilled with the performance upgrade it gets. I don't have a big gaming benchmark yet but this is Uniengine Heaven dl links from before and after

I am thrilled with the build and this is taking me to the 2020's

December 2018 Update:

Since then I got Destiny 2 for free when it was promoted, a passed down 1440p monitor due to a mini display port on my r9 295x2 since my bros have 4k displays, and I made the radiator from my r9 295x2 a push pull configuration with the stock fan staying where it is and this Noctua fan

The 2 photos are from hardware info from before that fan was put in after a session of Destiny 2. I love that 60 degrees load even if the fan is loud.

I also was able to get a 2nd 8 GB vengeance LPX black ram making it a amazing budget build

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Update 1.

My monitor is now a Dell U2751H. And while it can go 1440p, I can't because my dvi to hdmi limits it to 2048x1152. It's still a great monitor upgrade